About the Company

Adopt-a-Contractor.com is a leading website offering resources, inspiration, and tools for home improvement projects.

The Founders of the Company created this website as a result of their own personal need. Sure enough, when they moved to Miami, they needed some home improvements to be done for their new houses.
They didn't know anybody and wanted to avoid all those lousy contractors who charge exorbitant prices.
The concept was born! A simple website where homeowners could request free quotes by just giving a brief description of their projects.
This website will contact Pre-Screened Pros and transfer the request to 3 Contractors.

Adopt-a-Contractor.com is a brand of Let's Make a Lead LLC.
We will put homeowners and professional contractors in touch with each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We also provide to home improvement business owners some qualified leads.
Are you a Qualified Pro? Get listed!
Use our contact form to describe what kind of leads you would like to get, to start receiving qualified leads from all over the country.

Let's Make a Lead LLC is established in Florida:

Let's Make a Lead LLC
Adopt a Contractor.com
19201 Collins Ave, Suite CU134A
Sunny Isles Beach FL 33160 USA

Meet Our Team

Raphael - Co Founder

Stephane - Co Founder

Michael B. - Co Founder

Michael C. - Co Founder

Beverly - Sales Department

Jerrico - Sales Department

Maria - Appointments Taker

Maria - Social Media Department

Christopher - Sales Department

Jayda - Customer Service Department

Sydney - Marketing Departement

Gabby - Customer Service Department

Steve - Web Developer

Jimmy - Web Developer

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