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Ductable Air Conditioning: How It Works And Why It Might Be The Right Choice For You.

Why To Choose

Simply put, a duct type air conditioner is the channel that carries cool air throughout the desired space while also removing warm or stale air.

This system is not only beneficial in both the summer and winter months , it also provides ventilation for better indoor air quality all year long.

Ducted air conditioning systems are popular and very much in demand as temperature is easily regulated throughout each room individually.

Since the installation process is a bit complicated, it is highly suggested to hire a professional.

You may be asking what sets ductable air conditioners apart from other types of air conditioners.

Learn more as we discuss how ductable air conditioners work, the benefits, and whether or not choosing ductable air conditioning is right for you.

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Heating, Cooling

How Does Duct Air Conditioning Works? Pros And Cons: Everything You Need To Know!

How Does Duct Air Conditioning Works?

What is duct air conditioning?

Duct air conditioning consists of a heat distribution network concealed in the false ceiling, in the attic or under the floor. The system is discreet and efficient. Only the diffusers, the vents or the grids are visible. Duct air conditioning therefore blends into the decor of a home.

The duct system works with 2 separate block units:

  • a unit installed inside to heat or cool.
  • a unit installed outside the house to capture calories from the outside air and send it inside.

What are the main pros of duct air conditioning?

A ducted centralized air conditioning system obviously has several undeniable advantages compared to other air conditioning systems. This very energy efficient device heats the house for 3 to 4 times less expensive than an electric heating system.

Another plus is that this device is a solution that integrates completely into the home. Its installation allows to leave a comfortable and free living space in terms of development project.

In addition to a duct type indoor unit almost guaranteeing an invisible device, the duct air conditioning silently diffuses air. People who can hardly bear the ambient noise of other air conditioners will find their happiness with this type of installation because the duct is the quietest system on the market.

Its centralized remote control allows to set the ideal temperature, to program the hours of operation…

The temperature is adjustable at each opening. This total control guarantees maximum comfort and will also allow you to save energy. The duct does not only affect the air temperature, it also allows it to be dehumidified and purified thanks to its filtration system.

The ducting is perfectly suited for single storey houses under renovation, especially those with a lost roof space. If this is not the case, a false ceiling will have to be fitted.

However ducted air conditioning has some cons!

However, the duct air conditioner very practical in new constructions can quickly show its limits in the case of renovation. To begin with, the home must be very well insulated.

Installing a ducted air conditioning system can involve enormous work that should not be taken lightly. It is therefore preferable to carry out the installation during a major renovation or on a new site.

It is important to note that the configuration of some houses may prevent its installation. Indeed, as all the ducts must be concealed in the walls and ceilings, you may encounter some technical problems in existing offices and homes.

Finally, it’s an expensive system, which must be installed by a specialized and approved company.

Heating, Cooling

Why Choosing Ducted Air Conditioning ? Some Good Reasons To Choose A Duct System.

Some Good Reasons To Choose A Duct System!.

A duct air conditioner has several advantages. First of all, it can be reversible: the same device can heat and cool the home (in heating mode, it can operate down to 59F).

Reversible duct air conditioning can be used throughout the year, allowing both to keep your accommodation cool and to heat it to ensure your comfort whatever the weather conditions.

This versatility saves on your electricity bills. Being able to control the indoor temperature throughout the year is a definite advantage of reversible duct air conditioning.

Also, the temperature regulation is precise, it is a powerful, economical and ecological device. Indeed, thanks to the control box, it is simple to determine the desired thermostat. Thus, the differences are minimized, for incomparable thermal comfort, summer and winter.

What is less known is that the duct does not only affect the air temperature, it also allows it to be dehumidified and purified thanks to its filtration system.

It is also very discreet or invisible because only the grids are visible. The ducts are installed in the ceiling or attic. Air is exhausted through well-placed air vents.

The space and the aesthetics of your rooms are thus preserved since they are not cluttered either by the radiators or by their taps. The absence of radiators on the walls is a real aesthetic advantage.

So no more bulky radiators, banned heated floors, the duct is installed and arises as well in housing under construction as in houses under renovation, even if its installation will be naturally cheaper during construction.

Finally, this air conditioning system is ultra-quiet. The installation of the indoor unit is usually done above an unused room, such as a corridor or the entrance. The group is installed on an exterior wall, generally far from the openings, so as not to hear it working.

Finally, it’s important to note that installing ducted air conditioning can save you a lot of money. Ductable heating offers the possibility of placing a thermostat in each room. It is also possible to close grilles in rooms that you do not want to cool or heat.

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