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Portable Air Conditioning: How Does It Work And Is The Best Choice For You?

Portable Air conditioner

A portable air conditioner is freestanding and moveable, equipped with wheels or castors making it easy to move from room to room. This unit is ideal for cooling single rooms.

Unlike a fixed air conditioner, a portable air conditioner is easily moveable. It’s a great cooling solution for a specific room or its immediate area.

Portable air conditioners are perfect for cooling a small space.

There is no installation required! In fact, portable air conditioners come with a quick and painless installation kit for quick set up.

Portable air conditioners are a great alternative for on-the-go cooling . Cut costs and keep cool at the same time.

What are all the benefits of a portable air conditioner? Stay tuned! We’re giving you all the information you need before purchasing a portable air conditioner .


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Heating, Cooling

The Essentials To Know About Portable Air Conditioners: Principle And Operation

The Essentials To Know About Portable Air Conditioners

Without doubt we can said that the main function of a portable air conditioner is to cool the ambient air.

These air conditioners work on the same principle as air / air heat pumps. A supply of electricity puts into operation an engine which will make it possible to produce a heat exchange between the air and a refrigerant. The heat of the air is transmitted to the fluid and then evacuated through the sheath placed at the rear of the device.

The air which is discharged inside the accommodation is therefore cooler. One image that helps to understand how these devices work is that of the refrigerator, which operates on the same principles.

Unlike a pedestal fan that simply ventilates the air in the room, this air conditioning system cools and ventilates the ambient air.

For it to be effective, the area to be cooled must not exceed 430.55 sq ft. If the surface is larger, your mobile air conditioning will probably find it more difficult to provide the much-awaited freshness in the context of additional air conditioning. It is however possible to buy several and place them at the ends of the room for example.

Due to its design, the portable air conditioner represents a great opportunity for tenants who do not have the possibility of installing a global system. You can enjoy the fresh air in summer and once winter arrives you can put it away. In addition, the day you leave your accommodation for another home, your device follows you in the move.

Be aware that to avoid overconsumption of electricity, you must use your air conditioning in moderation and avoid that the temperature difference between the outside and the inside is too great. Also prefer moderate to constant power use rather than running the air conditioner at full speed with frequent stops and restarts.

Heating, Cooling

Pros And Cons: Why Choosing A Portable Air Conditioner [[CITY]]?

Why Choosing A Portable Air Conditioner?

Mobile air conditioners have definite pros.

The portable air conditioner is completely autonomous portable equipment. Portable air conditioners can be found quite easily in DIY stores or supermarkets. In terms of price, they are the cheapest. You can find them starting at $ 200. They integrate the fan (air circulation only), air conditioner (indoor air cooling) and finally dehumidifier functions.

Their installation is quite simple since it is only necessary to position the hot air exhaust pipe on a window and caulk it often with polystyrenes supplied with the air conditioner.

Their big advantage lies in their easy installation and requiring no installation work. A portable air conditioner is installed on the floor. It does not require any special installation. It is therefore immediately operational.

This is its main asset!

The operation of mobile air conditioning is intuitive. After setting the required temperature, the appliance takes care of adjusting the production of cold air itself. As it is also programmable, the portable air conditioner turns on and off by itself at the time you want.

In addition, it is able to rid the surrounding atmosphere of various allergens. Allergic people can therefore breathe air free of dust, pollens, mites and other harmful bacteria. In addition to the technical aspect, we must above all take into consideration the benefits provided by mobile air conditioning. Very often the summer heat represents a real discomfort for many individuals accustomed to mild temperatures.

The two main cons of portable air conditioners are power consumption and noise. Add to that, the portable air conditioner (whether with a monobloc or a split) must imperatively be placed near a window to pass the exhaust duct. Obviously, the fact that the window is ajar lets hot air through and prevents the room from being able to cool properly. This is why its use is rather practical in a small space or as an auxiliary air conditioning. This allows for a relatively correct result.

In summary, the portable air conditioner has the following pros:

  • Easy to install Adaptable to any room with air extraction
  • Mobile and movable
  • Cheap and easy to get

And the following cons:

  • Efficient in small rooms
  • Very nois Not repairable in the event of a leak
  • Energy Eating

In conclusion, these are auxiliary devices that will be able to relieve in the event of a heat wave or very unbearable heat which prevents you from sleeping.

They can be a good name for the frail elderly in hot weather.

They are still a DIY solution and absolutely do not provide the comfort of an air conditioning installation carried out by an air conditioning professional.


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