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When Considering Your Cooling Options , It’s Best To Plan Your Budget And Know What It Will Take To Operate And Maintain Your Monobloc Air Conditioner.


Once you’ve estimated the cost of the unit itself and its installation costs (if any), it will be much easier to plan your budget.

Don’t forget about operating costs! The operating costs of an air conditioner are dependent on the amount of energy used. Operating costs are also dependent on climate. For example, will you be using your air conditioner solely in the summer or in both the summer and winter? Be sure to choose a system that has the capacity to cool your space.

Energy consumption will affect cost. Every unit has an energy label where you will find the energy class. The energy class indicates the unit’s amount of power. This will allow you to better estimate the cost of electricity per kWh.


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Heating, Cooling

What Budget Do You Need For The Installation Of A Monobloc Air Conditioning System?

What Budget Do You Need For The Installation Of A Monobloc Air Conditioning System?

Before buying a monobloc air conditioner, it is worth looking at a few parameters that can help make this choice.

For this, the following characteristics should be taken into account:

  • The electric power:

It's different according to the needs of each and depends on several parameters which are the following:

  1. the area to be treated;
  2. the number of occupants;
  3. the location, exposure and number of openings to the outside of the room to be air conditioned;
  4. the ceiling height and the type of flooring.
  5. The cooling capacity of which the British Thermal Unit (BTU) is a measure of the capacity of the air conditioner to cool the space.
  • The energy class: it appears on the label of the device and provides information on its energy consumption. The letters A to G appear on the label, A representing the lowest consumption and G the most energy-consuming.
  • The noise pollution that this incurs. The devices are often between 50 and 75 decibels.
  • Scheduler, reversibility, air filtration or dehumidifier functions.

The average price range for a monobloc air conditioning can vary from $ 200 to $ 4000, depending on the power in Kw and the technology used (mobile or fixed).

If you are looking for a small back-up system for occasional use and to cool a small room, opt for a portable monobloc air conditioner with less than 2.5 Kw of power. For more powerful systems up to 3.5 Kw, count between $ 400 and $ 800 on average.

And if you want a more powerful installation up to 5.5Kw, count between $ 1000 and $ 4000.

Monobloc mobile air conditioner: average price

The portable packaged air conditioner (also known as a portable air conditioner) is, as the name suggests, easily moved from one room to another.

Despite a significantly lower power than a single-split air conditioning for example, mobile monobloc air conditioning is the best auxiliary solution: economical and effective for small rooms of less than 322.91sq ft.

The price to equip you with a portable air conditioner starts around $200 and can reach up to $1400, depending on the models and functions of the device.

Monobloc wall mounted air conditioner: average price

The monobloc wall mounted air conditioner is more powerful than the portable air conditioner. Mounted on a wall, its size is comparable to that of a radiator.

The monobloc wall-mounted air conditioner (without an external unit) can be placed on the floor or above it to remain discreet and compact in your home.

The price of a built-in monobloc air conditioner is higher than that of the portable air conditioner: count between $ 300 and $ 1500 to buy a recent one.

Reversible monobloc air conditioner: average price

Reversible air conditioning is a device intended to produce cold or heat depending on the season. Its modern and versatile operation allows it to combine comfort temperature and energy saving.

Reversible monobloc air conditioning is attractive because it is relatively affordable. Reversible monobloc air conditioners are the least expensive models.

The price of a fixed monobloc reversible air conditioning varies from $ 1,000 to $ 2,500 while the price of a portable reversible air conditioning is between $ 300 and $ 1,000.

Of course, the prices shown do not take into account the possible price of a professional installation that you may need.

Heating, Cooling

Maintenance: An Essential Element To Ensure The Proper Functioning Of Its Monobloc Air Conditioner

Maintenance: An Essential Element for your AC

In order to increase the longevity of your device and to perpetuate its use as well as its performance, it is advisable to do a regular maintenance.

The monobloc air conditioning maintenance is relatively easy and not very restrictive. As with any cooling system, the more often you take care of it, the longer it will work properly and efficiently. Regular maintenance = problems and breakdowns avoided.

You can carry out the maintenance yourself, by regularly checking the condition of the filters. This maintenance consists of vacuuming the filters about twice a month, and when they are too crowded it is necessary to change them.

If the filter is self-cleaning, it will not be necessary to vacuum it every 15 days. It will also be necessary to think of dusting the ventilator of the device.

You will also remember to empty the water recovery cassette and descale the appliance.

You will take care not to touch the rest of the system and in particular the refrigeration circuit.

What maintenance for a monobloc mobile air conditioning?

You can maintain your air conditioner yourself because you will only have to clean the internal filter every one or two weeks in order to remove the accumulated dust. A simple suction and cleaning with water will suffice. So you don’t need to budget for the most frequent maintenance.

You will also have to think about descaling your appliance by referring to the instructions given by the manufacturer. More rarely, you will have the level of refrigerant checked by a professional but this remains very occasional.

What maintenance for a reversible monobloc air conditioning?

Anyone who has a reversible monobloc air conditioner should take care of it, which means maintaining it properly. This step is essential if you want your equipment to remain efficient for as long as possible.

We give you some tips for cleaning your monobloc air conditioner yourself:

  • First, turn off the device. Then start by removing the front panel to gain access to the block itself. And if you can, take the device out of its location.
  • Then clean the air conditioning system filter. This is the most important step. Because it is the element that protects us from pollution, allergens and dust. It must therefore be maintained every 3 weeks.
  • Check the condition of the filter, if there are no anomalies, you just need to clean it with lukewarm water. Air dry it and once it is dry, put it back on your air conditioner. But if you notice holes or another defect, it will have to be replaced by a new filter.
  • Then clean up the dust and dirt that has collected in the cooling coils.

Keep in mind that the cleaning of your monobloc air conditioner, whether it is mobile, fixed or reversible must be done with great vigilance. If a leak occurs, call a professional to reduce the damage because the air conditioner is a device that contains gas that can be harmful to the environment and to you.


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