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Maintenance and Troubleshooting: Tips On How To Keep Your Reversible Air Conditioner Running Smoothly.

Tips On How To Keep Your Reversible  Air Conditioner Running Smoothly.

A major benefit to owning a reversible air conditioner is that you no longer need to suffer through those hot summer days.

The reversible air conditioner is powerful and effective. In just a few minutes, you can improve comfort levels with very little effort.

Despite the many advantages of the reversible air conditioner, a lack of proper maintenance can hinder its performance.

Consequently, operating such a unit is pretty simple, however, it is essential to provide regular maintenance so that it will last longer.

In order to obtain maximum results, such as keeping the quality of air consistent in each room, it is imperative to schedule regular maintenance.

Read this article to find out how to keep your reversible air conditioning system running efficiently and avoid a sudden malfunction.

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How To Maintain Your Reversible Air Conditioning ?

How To Maintain Your Reversible Air Conditioning?

In addition to potential electrical overconsumption, a dirty filter can also cause serious damage to your device and cause untimely breakdowns that talents of small handyman will not be enough to repair.

If you want to avoid all of its annoyances, consider maintaining your air conditioner regularly.

Maintain your reversible air conditioning yourself

In some cases, it is possible to maintain your reversible air conditioner yourself. If you own reversible multisplit or monobloc air conditioning, in this case, you can perform the following few steps.

  • First, turn off your device completely.
  • Remove the plastic cover from the indoor unit of your air conditioner.
  • Find the filter and carefully remove it, being careful not to shake it too much to prevent dust from spreading.
  • Wash it in cold, soapy water, rubbing it while being careful not to damage it.
  • Dry it perfectly. In no case should it be reintegrated into the device if it still has the slightest trace of humidity.
  • Put the filter back in its holder and close the cover of the indoor unit.

Professional maintenance of reversible air conditioning

However, you will still need to call in a professional on a regular basis to come and check the correct operation of the reversible air conditioning, and to have it maintained so that you cannot be the victim of any leak or failure.

The first maintenance of your reversible air conditioning must be done three years after installation.

Next, you will need to bring in a technician every five years at most.

However, we recommend that you opt for a short annual check, which will allow you to be completely serene and to be certain that your air conditioner is in perfect working condition.

Such an intervention is not particularly expensive, especially since it must be carried out at most every five years, which means that this expenditure can come a long time in advance.

If you own a ducted or multisplit reversible air conditioning, the price will be significantly higher, but it will still remain very affordable. Count an expense that can be between $ 50 and $ 100. If your home is larger than normal and your air conditioner is multisplit or ducted, this rate may reach $ 150 maximum.

Good regular maintenance and regular cleaning / changing of filters will ensure the good quality of the ambient air in your house for the residents' breathing.

An unmaintained reversible air conditioner can see bacteria, mites and other molds very harmful to humans proliferate.

Proper maintenance helps prevent breakdowns, over consumption of electricity and an increase in your bill.

Stay rigorous on the maintenance of your reversible air conditioner.

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What To Do When Your Reversible Air Conditioning is Broken?

Your AC is broken? What to do!

Is your air conditioning making a strange noise?

One of your indoor units no longer blows cold air?

In case of air conditioning failure, some good reflexes allow you to detect the source of the problem.

Several anomalies can cause air conditioning problems.

To find out if you are facing an air conditioning failure, look for the following signs:

  • Unusual noise
  • Choppy operation Unexpected shutdowns of one or more units
  • Bad smells
  • Dripping or leaking of liquid (s) on the external unit
  • Lights off or blinking Blown fuses
  • Malfunctioning remote control: unit stops responding

These different signs of failure can be isolated, or on the contrary, can be combined. Some point to a simple problem to contain, such as a dirty filter.

Some, on the other hand, may indicate a larger problem, requiring the intervention of an air conditioning specialist.

An air conditioning professional can understand the source of the problem. He will carry out a diagnosis and give you an estimate for the repair of your air conditioning. Depending on his diagnosis, he may be able to repair your reversible air conditioning or he will recommend that you replace it.

We strongly recommend that you do not attempt to repair a broken air conditioner unless you know how to check the tightness of a refrigeration circuit or the electrical installation of the system.

Filters are the most common problem

Is your indoor unit no longer blowing enough hot or cold air? This air conditioning failure is often caused by dirty filters. Ditto if your devices produce an unusual noise, stop for a few moments or operate in a jerky manner.

Dirty filters are simple to repair.

Here is how to clean the filters on your unit yourself:

  • Turn off the device completely
  • Open the unit and perform a first dusting of the filters with a vacuum cleaner
  • Then take out each filter and clean it with a sponge, soaked in soapy water or a little washing-up liquid
  • Rinse the filter for a long time in clean water, and allow it to dry completely before replacing it.

If you have multisplit air conditioning, repeat the procedure on each of the indoor units.

Please note: cleaning with water is only possible if your filters are made of plastic. If they are made of another material, just vacuum or change them.

Air conditioning failures due to leaks

If the outdoor unit is leaking, it may be due to a problem with the condensate tray. When this bin is full, it starts to overflow. And causes a leak. An air conditioning failure that is easy to resolve: simply empty the tank before replacing it.

Another possible leak is refrigerant flowing from your outdoor unit. In this case, the leak is more serious and requires the intervention of a professional to identify the source of the leak and repair it.

A too low level of refrigerant not only prevents your unit from operating, but can also damage it.

To avoid additional problems with the air conditioning in your home, unplug the appliance immediately while waiting for the intervention of the professional.

Remember, proper maintenance will prevent breakdowns!

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