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Budget, Maintenance, And More! What You Should Know Before Selecting A Split Air Conditioner .

Plan your expenses for your split air conditioner.

Air conditioning is considered to be necessary and often required, especially .

In order to withstand extreme heat in the summer and/or to endure severely cold winters, HVAC systems (abbreviation for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) are essential in many homes and businesses. As new technology emerges and older HVAC systems become less efficient, home and business owners continue to upgrade and replace their air conditioners. The demand for energy efficient systems is growing.

Therefore, it is important to know which product will provide consistent comfort while also being the most energy efficient.

Prior to purchasing a new air conditioning system, you should calculate your budget. In addition to the purchase cost, there may be installation and maintenance costs to consider. Doing your homework can go a long way so you end up with a system that achieves your cooling and heating goals.

Not all systems are the same. So once you’ve established your budget, there are a few things to look for when selecting a new air conditioner.

  • Look for the ENERGY STAR label. This indicates the amount of efficient units.
  • How simple or complex is the system and will it require much maintenance? It’s always a good idea to speak to a professional HVAC technician who should be able to help you figure out an affordable maintenance plan.
  • Aesthetics are also a factor. For many, it’s important to select a system that blends in with the rest of your home.

The right system is an important consideration. Finding the right air conditioner will provide you with dependable comfort for years to come.


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Heating, Cooling

Calculate Your Budget Based On Three Criteria: Number Of Units, Power And Design!

Calculate Your Budget.

Have you decided to equip your home with a split air conditioner? As part of our article on split air conditioning prices, here are some price ideas for the various devices (split mobile, wall-mounted, duct air conditioners...)available .

The main elements to take into account:

  • The number of units: for example, a monobloc air conditioner only has 1 unit, a mono-split has 1 outdoor and 1 indoor and a multi-split also has 1 outdoor but several indoor
  • Its power: each unit represents a power which determines the total power; Its connection: by sheath or solar;
  • Its technology: simple or reversible;

To these elements is added a last criterion but not least, Design!

Air conditioning units are starting their design revolution. Exit the traditional box! Now give way to a high-tech object with a neat and glamorous look. A trend driven by professionals who no longer hesitate to call on designers to create original products.

No question of letting the technique take precedence over the appearance of the product. If such equipment requires specific components, professionals have understood, today, it is also necessary to offer beauty.

The trend is for fine, refined and chic curves. The air conditioning becomes discreet and blends perfectly into your interior.

Wall air conditioners

Wall-mounted air conditioners are equipped with an outdoor unit and one or more indoor units. These are visible and are most often installed in the upper part of the walls.

The price of a wall-mounted air conditioner depends on its power, but also on the number of indoor units. Count between $ 1,300 to $ 3,800 for a monosplit system with a power of 2,000 to 5,000 W. This price includes the price of the device and installation.

You can opt for an 8,000 W multisplit air conditioner to cool 3 or 4 rooms. Allow $ 5,400 to $ 8,500 including installation.

Duct air conditioners

This equipment differs from other models by its built-in indoor unit. Air circulation is ensured by a return grille and a vertical supply grille. This type of air conditioner has the advantage of being aesthetic, since the indoor unit is invisible. The air vent is the only one exposed.

Note that the duct air conditioner can be monosplit or multisplit. Their prices vary from $ 350 to $ 5500 depending on its power and options. Expect $ 500 more per additional unit than the cost of a monosplit air conditioner.

Cassette air conditioner

The cassette air conditioner is a built-in device under a false ceiling. The built-in indoor unit can serve 1, 2 or even 4 air vents.

This type of device is ideal for cooling your home, office or store. It is perfectly suited to large areas from 430.55 sq ft to 1,614 sq ft. Its installation is however more complicated than that of a wall model.

The number of indoor units, power and technology used are also taken into account when calculating the price of an air conditioning cassette.

Allow $ 300 to $ 3,500 for a monosplit system.

The console air conditioner

A console air conditioning system is ideal for those who would like to change their conventional heating system to a more efficient, more economical and more ecological device.

Consoles are powerful air conditioners that integrate very well with the interior design of a room. There are many console air conditioning systems on the market.

Prices vary depending on the power and technologies with which the air conditioner is equipped.

The split mobile air conditioner

This device includes two units connected by flat ducts. The indoor unit has casters for easy movement. The outer case is also mobile. You just have to pass the sheaths through the window to connect the two devices. Therefore, this type of split air conditioner requires no installation.

Opt for this to refresh an area from 107.63 to 322.91 sq ft. The price of a portable split air conditioner depends on its power. A 1,500 to 2,500 W device costs between $ 300 and $ 900 compared to $ 2,500 to $ 3,500 for a model over 3,500 W. Reversible devices heat the room in winter to optimize your comfort. This option increases the price of the system by 10 to 20%.

Depending on the model chosen, using an installer is not mandatory but recommended.

First of all, the installer is there to help and advise you. It will allow you to find your way around the different operating principles, in the powers. But it will also be there to precisely comply with the installation instructions for your air conditioner, whether simple or reversible.

Heating, Cooling

Maintaining Your Split Air Conditioner: A Step That Should Not Be Overlooked!

Don't forget to Maintain Your Split Air Conditioner!

Maintaining an air conditioner is a necessary operation to guarantee the proper functioning of your system and avoid possible breakdowns. Properly maintained, your system will consume less and distribute healthier air.

A poorly maintained air conditioner sees its power consumption and the risk of breakdowns increase. To have healthy air in your home and efficient operation, careful air conditioning maintenance carried out in accordance with industry standards is necessary. You can clean certain parts yourself, but it is advisable to hire a professional for more complex maintenance operations.

To avoid breakdown or premature breakdown of your air conditioning, certain routine maintenance tasks must be performed on a regular basis. You can thus clean the filters every two to three weeks, as well on a device on your split air conditioner whether fixed or mobile.

Taking care of the filters does not require any DIY knowledge. Indeed, it suffices to clean them with a vacuum cleaner or water. The filters are removed when the air conditioner is turned off and are replaced when they are completely dry.

Dust is also deposited on the indoor units. A simple sponge on the surface, air conditioning off, will be enough to maintain it. Likewise, the outdoor unit is cleaned at least twice a year. It must be checked that no branch type obstacle obstructs the evacuation. The outdoor unit and the condensate pan are washed with a damp sponge.

The maintenance of the outdoor unit and of the indoor unit (s) is therefore a step that should not be overlooked so that they function optimally over time and that the performance is maximum.

Before you start

A split air conditioner works on electricity so as with any maintenance of an electrical appliance, it is strongly advised to disconnect them from the mains or even cut the general electrical supply at the circuit breaker.

Maintenance of the outdoor unit

Depending on where you live and therefore the weather you are experiencing, you should clean the outdoor unit of the split air conditioner several times a year or as often as necessary if you think it necessary.

We start by removing everything that is likely to be there such as branches, small stones, dust, sand, etc. We do it by hand or with a brush if we don't want to get dirty. For more difficult to remove dirt such as bird droppings, spray lightly soapy water on it, leave to act for a few moments so that it comes off, then rub with a sponge, rinse then wipe with a cloth.

If you do not maintain your air conditioning or very little, you risk facing malfunctions and you will have to call on your installer and his professional products to clean it up.

Indoor unit maintenance

The maintenance of the indoor unit (s) is also very important, especially because of the air filter responsible for preventing certain harmful particles from entering the home. These particles can be the cause of very troublesome health problems in children and people who are fragile, especially for the respiratory system.

When you do your household cleaning, wipe it with a dust cloth.

Every month, using a screwdriver, open the split, observe the air filter and change it if it is covered with particles and dust. Some models of split air conditioner have a washable air filter, this saves money.

Taking out an air conditioning maintenance contract is not compulsory, but good maintenance ensures a long life for the air conditioning unit and quality air in the house or apartment.

In addition, stationary air conditioners contain a toxic refrigerant. The intervention of a professional makes it possible to carry out, in the rules of the art, air conditioning maintenance operations other than conventional cleaning.

Basically, the maintenance contract provides for a certain number of verifications (verification of the refrigerant level, verification of the proper functioning of the safety devices and the humidifier, etc.), but also cleaning operations.


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