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What Is A Split Air Conditioner? Let’s Explore The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having A Split Air Conditioner . Here You Will Learn About The Different Types Of Air Conditioners On The Market Today.

What Are The Different Types Of Split Air Conditioners?

Split air conditioners are available in different sizes and either come as a portable unit or a unit that is fixed in place. A benefit to a portable unit is that there is no permanent installation required; it simply sits on the floor. It has wheels, which makes it easily moveable and a cinch to set up. Since this type of unit has the capacity to cool one room, it is practical for small spaces, such as a studio or one bedroom apartment. This type of unit is connected to a flexible hose leading to the window allowing hot air to exit the home.

A fixed unit is installed on the wall or ceiling, thus freeing up floor space. Refrigerant flows through a conduit, releasing hot air outside.

One option to consider is a reversible split air conditioner. This system will cool your home in the summer and warm your home in the winter. A reversible split air conditioner is energy efficient! It’s one of the most efficient ways to heat your home using electricity. It provides 3kW of heat for every 1kW consumed. During extreme winters, a backup heater may be required in order to achieve optimal comfort.

Thinking about getting a split air conditioner to cool your home or office? Here’s a look at the different models on the market.

Our article will tell you everything you need to know about split air conditioners.

What are the different types of split air conditioners?

What are their advantages and disadvantages?


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What Are The Different Types Of Air Conditioners?

What Are The Different Types Of Air Conditioners?

There are five types of split air conditioners. The different types of split air conditioners are determined according to their mobility and their location.

Types of Split Fixed Air Conditioner

  • The Wall Air Conditioner is the most common air conditioner.

Installed on one of your walls, the wall mounted air conditioner (or wall mounted air conditioner) fits perfectly into the decor of your room. Usually not very bulky and thus compact, the wall-mounted air conditioner is the most used type of air conditioning on the market. It is found in the form of mono or multisplit.

It works with at least 2 separate units: one or more inside and the other outside. This is the very principle of mono-split air conditioning. Do not confuse the wall split air conditioning with the wall air conditioner without an external unit. In the latter case, it is a monobloc air conditioner. In a reversible version, the wall-mounted air conditioner has been one of the best sellers of recent years (capable of cooling and heating a room).

  • Duct air conditioner

The duct air conditioner is hidden in the false ceiling of your home or office and acts through ventilation grilles. The hot air to be extracted circulates through the ducts. Very discreet and aesthetic, this air conditioning system is very popular.

The duct air conditioner has high power and has the advantage of not wasting space. The only drawback is that this ducted air conditioner can only be installed under false ceilings or roof spaces. Its installation can therefore involve major installation work.

Like any split air conditioner, it is usually equipped with reversible technologies.

The latter is often installed in large spaces (shops, department stores, open space, large offices) because it is very powerful due to its four air outlets. the cassette air conditioner can ventilate and cool very large rooms, even with a high ceiling, and is therefore an ideal solution in loft-style accommodation.

There are also less powerful models intended for individuals. The cassette air conditioner (or ceiling air conditioner) is built into the ceiling directly. Very discreet, it works exactly like any other split air conditioner. It offers a homogeneous distribution of air.

  • Floor-mounted AC / Console

Ideal for replacing an old radiator, the console air conditioner can be fixed to the wall, built in or even placed on the floor. It works like a classic split air conditioner. It can be single flow (only one air outlet on the top) or double flow (one outlet on the top and one at ground level). The console air conditioner is also compact and more discreet.

Split Mobile Air Conditioner

The split mobile air conditioner consists of an indoor and outdoor unit. The different units are linked together by several sheaths of small diameters. The indoor unit of the mobile split air conditioner is mounted on casters so that it can be moved between rooms.

The major advantage of split mobile air conditioning is the absence of any specific installation. You should, however, be able to have an opening or window in the room to be air conditioned. This type of air conditioning allows cooling or heating (in the case of reversible air conditioning) rooms up to 322.91 sq ft on average.

The portable air conditioner is not very attractive and often noisy. It can only be a temporary solution.

Choose this type of device if you are looking for a backup air conditioner for a small room. In most cases, the split mobile air conditioner is non-reversible.

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Pros And Cons Of Split Air Conditioning: It's Up To You To Choose The Model That Best Meets Your Requirements!

It's Up To You To Choose The Model That Best Meets Your Requirements!

Do you want to improve the comfort of your home ? Let yourself be seduced by the split air conditioner!

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of this device.

As the name suggests, the split air conditioner consists of two separate units. Placed outside, the compressor is connected to the other module by a pipe ensuring a refrigeration connection. The second unit integrates the evaporators and the controls.

The pros of split air conditioners

Among the main advantages of this type of air conditioner is its cooling power.

The monosplit air conditioner can ventilate a room of 430.55 sq ft. Multisplit models can integrate several modules to distribute in the rooms of your home and connected to a single compressor.

The multisplit version is very practical, because it allows you to adjust the temperature of each room.

The compressor being installed outside, the split air conditioner will not interfere with the acoustic comfort in your home.

Another strong point of this device, its ease of installation and maintenance, the air filters being washable!

The split air conditioner is also an aesthetic solution based on the interior of your home: absence of ducts, refined design, etc.

In addition, this device is easier to upgrade according to your wishes and advances in technology.

The cons of split air conditioners

Be aware that noise from the outdoor unit can be a nuisance. If you live in a condominium, you should think carefully before considering installing this air conditioner to avoid a source of conflict. Consider studying the location of the unit to avoid this inconvenience. Consult the opinion of other residents and a professional to find a compromise.

In addition, the installation of this device requires certain technical knowledge. To guarantee the proper functioning of your split air conditioner, installation and commissioning of your unit must be carried out by a professional. Thus, installing a split air conditioner is more or less expensive.

Finally, be aware that some models can consume a lot of electricity, this is why you should always favor efficient models that are in the energy class A ++ and A +.

Pros and Cons of the split mobile air conditioner

This type of installation has an undeniable advantage, that of the mobility of all the units. You can indeed use it in your living room during the day and then move it at the end of the afternoon to your bedroom to cool it down for the night.

Its external element deportation system makes it a silent mobile split air conditioner requiring no complicated installation and is perfectly usable as a room air conditioner.

You should also know that this kind of device is not expensive and therefore the purchase becomes accessible for most households with low budgets.

However, such a system must always be near an opening leading to the outside such as a window or a door in order to provide a passage for the ducts connecting the two elements.

In addition, the air conditioner with mobile split is effective for rooms with an area of 107.63 sq ft to 322.91 sq ft but will quickly show its limits on areas larger than the range mentioned above.


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