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Junk Pick Up Companies And How To Choose The Best

How To Choose The Best Junk Pick Up?

Now’s the perfect time to get rid of all that trash, junk and just plain stuff you don’t need anymore. Tons of companies in the junk pick up business are out there, competing for you as a customer.

That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is that it can be a challenge to choose the best junk pick up service for your needs.

To help you make an informed choice, we proudly present the following guidelines.

Where To Look For Professional Junk Pick Up

Searching online for a junk management service is a good start, but from there, you’ll want to narrow down the selection a little. The best advice is usually, “Stay close to home.”

Local junk pick up companies can get a truck to your home easily (and make follow-up visits on a regular basis, if that’s what you’re looking for.) They are also familiar with nearby resources for recycling and trash disposal.

How To Get Estimates

Focus your search even more by concentrating on junk pick up service businesses that offer free estimates as part of their service package. When their company reps come to your home, all you’ll need to do is point toward the trash or other items you want removed.

For most jobs, the junk pros will calculate your cost estimate based on volume measured in cubic yards. (FYI, one cubic yard is roughly equivalent to five to six filled 13-gallon trash bags.) The quoted cost is clear and simple; it includes everything up front -- all labor, truck service and dump or recycling fees.

Special Requests

Before speaking with the junk pick up firms, make a list of your priorities and any special needs. For example, you may be looking for a company with a good-sized truck fleet who can haul away a high volume of trash within a very short time. Or you could have several large appliances to get rid of.

In the case of a tenant move out or an estate clean up, the crew might need to remove both trash and personal items from multiple rooms, and perhaps sweep up afterward.

Whatever circumstances you are facing, make sure that the service you hire is prepared to handle your pick up in the most efficient and careful way.


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Junk Pick Up Cost: How Much Will You Really Have To Pay ?

Whats is the Junk Pick Up Cost?

The idea of hiring someone to take away your junk is very appealing. You’re probably wondering, though, about junk pick up cost. You might be worried that the initial price quote will end up inflated with all kind of extras.

So let’s take a look at the facts of the matter. What price will the pros quote you for junk removal and how much will you really end up paying?

Junk Pick Up Cost Estimate

It’s standard practice among most junk pick up service providers to visit your home for an estimate. This is not only convenient and comfortable for you, but also allows the pros to see exactly how much trash you actually have.

They will then proceed to give you an all-inclusive cost estimate on the spot. If the price is right, you can just give them the okay to haul away your junk, trash and assorted unwanted possessions right then and there. What could be easier?

Price Calculation

Rather than some random number, price calculation goes either by the individual item (such as an old fridge or couch, say) or for larger amounts, according to the quantity of junk that needs removal. It’s based on volume – a full truck load, one half, one quarter or one eighth, measured in cubic yards. A minimum price usually applies.

This formula is used to price removal of everyday household trash, storage unit or estate clear out, seasonal yard cleanup and safe disposal of electronics and appliances.

However, construction debris pick up price is the one exception to the rule. Because dirt, gravel, concrete and other leftovers from home building or renovation tend to be quite heavy, removal cost in this case depends on weight.

What Does Removal Cost Include?

Junk pick up is a highly customer service-oriented business. And one of the nicest aspects of that attention to customer service is that your quoted price will include everything, from the lifting, hauling and driving, right through to the cost of recycling or trash dumping fees.

There will be no add-ons and no surprise charges. Whew! What a relief!

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What To Do If I Want Junk Pick Up Service Now

Junk Pick Up Service Step by Step

OK, I’ve had it. I tend to hoard a little (well, a lot) but I’m mending my ways and decluttering. That’s why I want junk pick up service as soon as possible.

You see, I have finally made a start at organizing and I really, really want to keep the momentum going. If I can get fast, easy junk removal – preferably today! – it will be so motivational. (I’ve already set aside the things I just can’t bear to part with, like my children’s artwork from kindergarten, so I’m ready to be ruthless with the rest.)

Tell me, what can I do if I want a junk pick up service near me and I want it now?

7 Steps To Fast Junk Pick Up Service

  1. Look for junk removal companies on line. It’s recommended to focus on “junk pick up businesses near me” (preferably within your zip code), since they are often able to come to you quicker.
Next, further narrow down the list of likely prospects according to availability; see how soon your local junk disposal companies can get to you for an estimate.

  3. Mention that you are in a hurry and find out whether junk pick up is available today. Many junk service companies are open late, or even 24/7.

  4. Be flexible about what time of day the crew can come to you, if time is really of the essence. Usually, they’ll schedule a 2-hour window in advance, and then will confirm en route exactly when they expect to arrive.
  5. If you have trouble letting go of old possessions, check that the junk pick up service employees will handle all aspects of the actual removal. That way, you’ll be less tempted to change your mind about your decluttering plans!
  6. Ask for details concerning the eventual disposal. It’s very reassuring to know that it will be handled responsibly, with many of your old things going to charity or to recycling, rather than to the dump.
  7. Now all you have to do is sit back and relax. Leave the junk removal and disposal in the capable hands of the experts.
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Junk Pick Up Trash Is The Service You Need, When You Need It

Full trash before Junk pick up trash

Funny, getting rid of trash can be tough. When faced with large quantities of unwanted stuff or just plain garbage, you could feel slightly desperate for junk pick up trash service.

The good news is that these days, , numerous companies specialize in junk pick up trash at reasonable prices. When might you need such a service and how will they help?

Regularly Scheduled Junk Pick Up Trash

Perhaps your municipal garbage pick up is too limiting in terms of amounts, types and schedule. Or maybe you don’t even have regular garbage pick up in your area, but need to lug heavy bags to the dump on your own.

A professional junk pick up trash service is a great solution. Just make an initial appointment to discuss quantities and prices. From there you and the crew will set up a regular schedule.

Then all you do is leave your trash outside, clearly marked for pick up, and you won’t even have to be home when they come. How convenient is that?

Specialized Junk Pick Up Trash

Here’s a different scenario: You’ll be needing junk pick up trash services for a special situation and a shorter time period.

Here, you might be about to begin a major decluttering session. Some common examples are preparing to sell your home, clearing out a garage or basement or taking care of an estate. Obviously, you don’t just want the clutter and trash out of the room or the house, but right off your property.

Once again, an easy way out is to schedule professional trash collection at your convenience, whether it’s a one-time removal or several pick ups over the course of a few days or weeks.

Construction Junk Pick Up Trash

Yet another occasion where reliable trash pick up will come in very handy is when you’re in the midst of home building or remodeling. Trash – such as demolition debris, excavated soil, broken tiles, wood scraps and so on -- tends to pile up fast.

A messy, overcrowded construction site doesn’t look very pretty... and it may even be against the rules of your local government or HOA. So why not keep things well under control with regular junk removal for the duration?

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A Day In The Life Of A Junk Pick Up Truck

Junk removal pick up truck

Is this you? You’re thinking of hiring a junk removal service but you’re concerned about their professionalism. Two guys and a junk pick up truck – will they be able to handle all your trash?

Well, stop worrying. Those “guys” are trained, uniformed, courteous and very, very strong. They are ready and willing to take away any of your trash, as long as it’s non-hazardous and the two of them can lift it.

And the junk pick up truck is a large, well-maintained vehicle. Junk removal businesses take excellent care of their fleet. After all, smoothly functioning trucks are the heart of their service.

Read on to find out about the life of a junk pick up truck.

Daily Schedule

The junk pick up truck is usually busy at work from early in the morning till late in the evening. Junk removal service is organized to suit you and your schedule; some companies will even come out to get rid of your trash 24 hours a day.

Care and Feeding

With all those hours on the job, our junk pick up truck will need regular care and a steady diet of gasoline. But happily, you as the customer will not be faced with any unpleasant “hiccups”; there are no surcharges for gas, mileage or maintenance. , the all-inclusive junk removal price is up front and transparent.


Speaking of price, how much does it cost for trash removal service with one of these babies? Well, price is figured either per item (if you’re just getting rid of one or two things) or by volume. A typical junk truck is very accommodating – it can hold about 12 to 16 cubic yards of unwanted stuff, or the equivalent of 7-9 full-sized fridges! If you have less than that amount, partial loads are available.

Good To Know

Despite its down-and-dirty work, the truck is kept very clean. Often its interior is padded, so as not to damage the contents. Why? Because a large proportion of your trash won’t end up in the dump or the landfill. Instead, it will be sorted for recycling or donation to the needy.

And with that pleasant thought, we say goodbye to our hardworking junk pick up truck... until the next time we need its service.


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