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Professional Junk Removal And How It Can Help You

Overfilled dumpster before junk removal

Over the past three decades, junk removal has become a thriving business . But you may wonder, “What exactly are they willing to get rid of? And how could professional junk removal service help me?”

Find out the answers to your questions below.

What Does a Junk Removal Service Get Rid of?

Here are some common items, to give you an idea of the scope of service:

  • Non-functioning electronics and electrical appliances
  • Unwanted furniture, including large pieces like mattresses and bedframes
  • Old carpets
  • Disused hot tubs
  • Construction debris left after building or remodeling
  • Yard and garden waste
  • Scrap metal
  • Household rubbish and trash

In fact, you’ll find that most professional junk removal companies will get rid of just about anything that can be lifted by two strong men (and by the way, their employees tend to be in excellent shape!). There is just one exception – they are not licensed to handle hazardous substances, such as flammable materials or medical waste.

How Junk Removal Can Help You

For a clear picture of how professional junk removal can help you, think of this example. Imagine you’ve been meaning to clear out your garage for a while. You might even have gotten as far as organizing a few piles – say, broken tools in one corner and last year’s newspapers in another... and that old couch somewhere in the middle.

Now you’re stuck and you need a little outside assistance to reclaim your garage.

To get a quote on rubbish removal, just find a company near you and ask them to come to your home. From there, it’s very simple. When the crew arrives, simply point to the trash you’d like to get rid of and they’ll give you a quote. If you’re ready, they will pack up your unwanted junk and haul it away right then and there. Or you can take a few days to make your decision.

How Much Does A Junk Removal Service Cost ?

There are two ways of calculating junk clearing service cost. The first is per truckload (or fraction of a load); in this case, heavy construction debris may cost a bit more than usual household rubbish. The second pricing method is on a per-item basis, useful when you just want to dispose of one or two pieces of old furniture.

Whichever method you choose, the cost estimate is all-inclusive, comprising labor, loading, cleanup and any recycling or disposal fees. So relax, there are no hidden costs to surprise you.


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To Declutter Junk, Click Here. Is It Really That Simple?

How to delutter junk?

Let’s face it, just about everyone wants to declutter junk but few of us actually get around to it. Dragging unwanted possessions out of your storage room, attic or wherever you have it stashed feels like too much work. Add in the hassle of figuring out where and how to get rid of that mountain of stuff... and most of us give up with a sigh.

But what if you have a pressing need to declutter junk? For example, you might be about to put your home up for sale. How can you make decluttering simple and easy?

Try this way.

Check Out Junk Removal Services

Looking online for “junk removal near me” seems nice and easy, for sure, but how do these services actually work?

Well, it boils down to just a few basic steps (promise!):

  1. Look around and see what you’d like to get rid of – unwanted furniture and appliances, construction debris, even plain old garbage. In fact, everything except hazardous items.
  2. Set an appointment for the junk removal pros to come estimate the cost.
  3. Wait for the crew to show up. Appointments are usually booked in 2-hour windows and then they call to confirm when they’re nearby.
  4. Show the junk removers where your unwanted items are.
  5. They calculate total, all-inclusive cost and write up an estimate for you.
  6. You give the okay and they make your junk disappear.
  7. Breathe a sigh of relief.

What Do They Do With All That Stuff?

One of the reasons you might hesitate to declutter junk is reluctance to add to our nation’s landfills. “There’s some good stuff in there,” you think. “It’s a shame to trash it all.”

Here’s the good news: Junk removal services care. They won’t just pile your things on a garbage heap; instead they reclaim junk whenever feasible, by donating or recycling usable items. As professional in the rubbish removal business, they have access to resources you may not have heard of, and they are just as concerned with the health of our planet as you are.

If it turns out to be impossible to reclaim junk in certain cases, you can rest assured that the team will dispose of your no-longer-needed belongings responsibly.

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Junk Removal of Construction Debris Will Make Your Home Look Amazing

Amazing New Home After Junk Removal Construction Debris

Are you remodeling ... or building a brand new house? Here’s the perfect finishing touch; junk removal of construction debris will transform your completed home from “very nice” to “wow, that’s amazing.”

Learn about how to take care of junk removal construction debris so you can relax and enjoy your home’s good looks.

Construction Is A Messy Process

You probably thought long and hard about building, adding on, or renovating your house. Like most homeowners , you focused on the final product – your dream home -- and not all the hassle along the way.

By the time you’re reading this article, though, you’ve found out that construction is a messy process which produces dust, rubble and tons of debris. Now before you move in, how are you ever going to get your house clean and attractive, the way you dreamed it would be?

Junk Removal Services To The Rescue

Here’s an excellent solution – find local services that specialize in construction debris cleanup and removal. Just ask Google for “junk removal construction debris near me” to get fast cost estimates from local companies.

You’ll be dealing with nearby junk removal services that are experienced at disposing of things like used building materials, construction dust and the remnants of excavation or demolition. They will remove everything except hazardous waste like roofing shingles containing asbestos.

Cost Of Junk Removal Construction Debris

Junk removal professional cost estimates will generally go according to the volume of stuff you have to get rid of, measured in cubic yards or as part of a truckload. However, junk removal construction debris differs slightly in that the cost to haul materials like concrete is based on weight, since they are heavier than typical household rubbish.

Cost is transparent and inclusive, covering the services of lifting the junk, loading the truck and disposing of everything in an appropriate manner.

What Happens To All That Debris?

The story doesn’t end once junk removal services clean up and carry off a load of debris. You’ll be relieved to hear that leftover construction materials can often be donated to Habitat for Humanity or recycled. For example, old concrete may be crushed and used as a base layer for new pavement. Scrap wood is useful for producing engineered wood.

So, be proud of your beautiful new home, knowing that your construction junk will be disposed conveniently and responsibly.

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Junk Removal Cost Vs Do-It-Yourself. Which Is The Best Way?

Calculate my Junk Removal's Cost

As a frugal homeowner, you may wonder whether it’s worth it to hire a junk hauling service. After all, isn’t professional junk removal cost more expensive than the do-it-yourself version?

Crunch the numbers, weigh the facts and find out.

How Is Junk Removal Cost Calculated ?

If you just need to get rid of one or two things like old furniture or appliances, pricing goes according to the individual items. Otherwise, junk removal cost is calculated per yard, or by whole or partial truckloads.

Junk removal companies tend to be very fast and obliging when it comes to providing an estimate; they will likely send someone to your home within 24 hours (or sooner if urgent). This in-person estimate is essential, because quantities and volumes of junk cannot be accurately described online or over the phone.

Once they’ve prepared an estimate for you, you can be sure that it takes into account all costs. There will be no surprise last-minute price additions.

What Does Junk Removal Cost Include?

Break down pro junk removal cost and you’ll find it includes quite a lot of service. There’s the crew’s labor of lifting and hauling your stuff from your basement (or attic, yard or wherever) out to their company truck. Then they will have to drive to one or more drop-off points and unload. The company pricing also covers gas, insurance and maintenance for the truck, plus any recycling or dump charges.

Now Compare DIY To All That

The cost of DIY should be cheap compared to professional work... or should it?

To cart all that junk out to a truck yourself, you’d have to be in awfully good shape. Plus you’d need to pay the price of an equally strong helper to work with you on the bigger items. And oh yes, you’d have to own a large truck – or rent one. Let’s see, truck rental starts at HOW MUCH?


Don’t Forget Convenience And Motivation

Yet another reason why junk removers are so popular is the demands DIY decluttering makes in terms of time, patience and motivation. If you’re like most people, you have only a limited amount of these qualities. When you work hard all week, you might prefer to spend your spare hours enjoying your family and your favorite leisure pastimes.

, professional junk removal companies are ultra convenient and free up your time to focus on the things you love. When you look at it that way, their services are positively cheap.

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Junk Removal Furniture Is An Easy Cure For A Big Headache

Junk Removal Furniture: An Easy Cure For A Big Headache

Notice how hard it is getting rid of a couch? Dumping furniture curbside is often illegal and you might not even be able to give it away.

Junk removal furniture to the rescue!

What Is Junk Removal Furniture All About?

In response to a growing need, junk removal furniture services provide just what their name suggests: an easy method of old furniture removal that gets unwanted couches, bookcases, mattresses -- and lots more -- out of your house and out of your thoughts.

As long as the piece can be lifted by two (muscular, uniformed and polite) junk removal furniture employees, they will take it far, far away.

How Do I Find Old Furniture Removal Near Me?

Simple. Do a quick search based on your zip code. When you speak with the furniture and couch removal companies near you, just tell them which objects you want them to haul away, and what time it’s convenient for them to come to your home.

How Much Does Removal Cost ?

For a small job, the cost of the service will be on a per-item basis, generally according to size. For example, couch removal service tends to cost more than getting rid of a chair. There may be a minimum charge.

The best part is that the cost which you are quoted will include everything: all the heavy lifting, loading, truck transport and fees for recycling or dumping, as appropriate. No nasty surprises there!

Why Is It So Hard To Get Rid Of Old Furniture, Anyway?

Good question. First of all, the time-tested solution -- giving away your old couch or bed when you’re done with it -- no longer works. People prefer to spend a few bucks on the cheap, attractive new furniture that’s so readily available these days.

At the same time, municipalities, homeowners associations and condo boards are making tougher rules about amounts and types of rubbish you’re allowed to put out for trash collection.

All this leaves you with a big headache. Fortunately junk removal furniture is the easy, accessible cure.

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Junk Removal Garage Is An Easy Way To Reclaim Your Space

Lot of old stuff before  garage junk removal

Is your garage so overcrowded you can barely park your car in there? Don’t worry: lots of Americans are in the same boat. That’s why junk removal garage is becoming such a popular service .

Getting rid of junk is a huge part of garage cleanout and organization, and it will help make your space much more usable. Find out the important role that junk removal garage can play in reclaiming your space.

How Big Is Your Garage?

FUN FACT: The average double garage in the US measures 576 square feet. That’s equivalent to more than three downtown parking spots or a generously sized studio apartment.

But no matter how big your garage may be, if it’s crammed full of old appliances, broken tools and other assorted stuff, it won’t be much use to you at all -- until you shape up and cleanout, that is.

What Is Junk Removal Garage?

It’s a special kind of home service tailored to your needs. You choose: have one or two large pieces hauled away... or get rid of a whole load of junk all at once.

The essential fact is that we’re talking about a service, a courteous, uniformed cleanout team that comes in to make life easier for you.

Two Ways Junk Removal Garage Can Help You

You’re the boss. You get to pick the junk removal garage method that will suit your decluttering style the best:

  • You cleanout your garage first, then ask the junk removal service folks to haul away the garbage and unusable items.


  • You request junk removal immediately, for a good cleanout that will motivate you to get and stay organized.

Now Enjoy All That Clear Space

Once the junk removal garage team has finished their service of lifting, hauling and disposing (whew, that was easy!), you are free. Free to use your nice clean garage however you want. 

You could invest in some garage organizational systems, like a ceiling-mounted storage rack and a pegboard for tools. Those will keep your possessions handy, without blocking your parking area.

Or you might want just to enjoy all that amazingly clean, clear space!

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Junk Removal Rubbish That Will Be Tailor-Made To Your Needs

Old stuff on the street before junk removal rubbish

As a nation of hoarders, let’s face it. Just about everyone could benefit from a little help decluttering. But your junk removal rubbish needs will tend to vary according to your age and stage in life.

So join us on a journey through what we lightheartedly call “The Ages of Clutter” and see how a junk removal rubbish service could be useful to you, whoever you may be.

Student or Young Worker

Awesome! You’re not living at home anymore! While you’re enjoying your new freedom, you’ll probably find your standards of housekeeping have... um... dropped slightly. And with friends coming and going, often “temporarily” storing stuff at your place, together with lots of parties (whoa! those parties), the mess gets a little out of hand.

When the parents are about to visit or it’s time to move on from your current digs, you’ll need to clean up fast. Fear not, you’re a millennial. Just say “Hey Google” and ask for “junk removal rubbish near me.”

Happy Couple

You’ve found THE ONE and you’re combining your worldly goods in a new shared nest. Problem is, you each have a lot of worldly goods at home already – many of them more sentimental than functional (that quirky coffeemaker that kept you going through 4 years of college term papers, perhaps).

You’re eager to start on this next phase of your life and can’t be bothered to spend hours sorting, donating, recycling or dumping. So you also turn to Google to find great junk pick up service “near me.”

Family Life

Children are a joy, for sure... when they’re not driving you crazy with their shenanigans. And have you ever noticed how much stuff kids require? Not to mention how fast they outgrow everything, from clothes to toys.

You’d really love to get rid of some of the excess but you spend so many hours working to pay for all of it. And when you’re at home, you just want to relax. Good thing you can search for a junk removal rubbish service “near us – um, I mean, near me.”


Wow, it seems like the years just flew by. Now the house that felt so crowded -- with noise and laughter and arguments and loving moments – has emptied of children and you’re preparing to downsize to a cute little condo.

But wait! The house still feels awfully crowded – with leftover, left-behind junk. Uh oh! You may need to ask your kids (or the grandkids) for assistance but eventually, you too will end up looking online for a junk pick up service “near me.”

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Junk Removal Service: How To Get The Best ?

Junk Removal service

So you’ve decided to look into junk pickup companies to help you declutter. Good move. Now make sure you find a junk removal service whose emphasis is not only on junk removal but also on service.

Does that sound like a tall order? It doesn’t have to be -- not if you follow these 5 basic guidelines to get the best junk removal service possible.

  • Look close to home. There’s a reason why consumers love to google for home service companies “near me.” And it’s not just convenience. Local companies tend to have a stake in the community, and pride themselves on earning great reviews from you and your neighbors. They are decluttering experts, with insider knowledge of nearby donation and recycling outlets.

  • Look for professional companies. “Near me” should never be confused with “second rate.” The sign of a reputable junk removal service is that they are fully licensed and insured. They have a fleet of roomy, well-maintained trucks and a team of employees who are uniformed, courteous, fast, efficient and cheerful.
Look for service. The best junk pick up companies are there to serve you, the customer. This includes all those special touches: offering free estimates on junk removal service, setting an appointment quickly, providing same day service (if that’s what you’re looking for) and honest all-inclusive pricing. They’re happy to answer your questions, and are flexible and sensitive -- even when dealing with stressful situations such as estate cleanup or junk removal after a tenant eviction. 

  • Look for responsibility. You can tell the top companies because they care about getting rid of your things responsibly, in the most eco-friendly manner. They strictly adhere to all applicable laws and regulations regarding junk disposal. They will do their utmost to send a minimum amount of garbage to the landfill (sometimes as low as 40 percent); the rest is carefully donated or recycled, as appropriate.

  • Look for excellent reviews. When you’re searching for junk haulage companies online, a great way to narrow down your choice is browsing through their customer reviews. But you can’t rely on just any anonymous write-ups. Be sure to find unbiased, detailed reviews from people who’ve actually used the junk removal service.
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Junk Removal Trash Has To Be Done The Right Way

The right way to do junk removal!

When it comes to junk removal trash, you may be tempted to just pile all the stuff in your car and tote it off to the dump. Or better, yet, drag everything out to the backyard and burn it.

But please don’t! Improper garbage disposal is not only illegal (and liable to subject you to a hefty fine), it’s also bad for the environment. It might even be bad for your personal health.

Professional companies exist for the express purpose of junk removal trash. Here’s why you really should consider looking up “junk removal near me.”

  1. Your health. If you’re not in great physical shape, beware! Lifting and hauling heavy garbage can be dangerous. You risk putting undue strain on your muscles and your heart. And unless you own a very large truck, you’re likely to find yourself making several trips to the dump before you get rid of everything. 

  2. The health of our planet. Burning rubbish may seem fast and simple... but its by-product is all kinds of harmful gases. We’re talking scary stuff like arsenic and carbon monoxide. Both the smoke and ash cause health problems for humans and animals who are exposed; they also pollute nearby food crops and bodies of water.

  3. People in need. When you just dump all your junk removal trash, you’re depriving your still-usable things of a second chance. Many secondhand items, such as furniture, appliances and toys, can be donated to charity to benefit people in need.

Searching for junk removal trash companies “near me” or “in my area” is actually much easier than trying your hand at DIY. And look at all the benefits:

  • Hefting, loading and hauling are all taken care of for you by a pair of strong, licensed and insured workers. The only time you’ll need to lift a finger is when they ask you to point out the rubbish to be removed.

  • The junk companies are experienced at sorting trash to ensure they dispose of it in the most responsible way. They have the resources for donating, recycling, selling scrap metal and other usable components or dumping in strict accordance with the laws in your area. 

  • The cost to hire one of these companies is reasonable. Pricing is transparent and all-inclusive. Beyond the quoted price, you won’t have to pay any additional amounts for dump and recycling center fees, gas and mileage... or for illegal trash disposal fines!

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