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Where Do You Find The Best Roofers Online?

Contractors doing a complete new roof

When you’re looking for roofers , you want to be sure to get the best. After all, roof repair or replacement tends to be a complex, expensive project. At the same time, you most likely need the work done as quickly as possible, to protect your home and belongings from the danger of roof leaks and water damage.

So How Do You Find Great Roofers -- NOW?

Start your search by browsing the internet... but be cautious. Though you will find plenty of roofing companies on sites like Yelp or Angie’s List, how can you be sure that they are right for you? Even five-star online reviews tend to be very subjective. Meeting a few roofers in person will give you a better sense of what they’re like to work with. But many of the pros listed will charge you an arm and a leg just to come out and actually look at the problem.

Roofers with Free Estimates

You’ll be better off refining your search to look for roofers with free estimates. What that means is simple: you will not pay any fee for them merely to visit your home, chat with you and assess your roof. Ideally, try to get several roofing pros to give you free quotes, before you commit yourself to signing a contract with anyone.

Why is it so important for you to obtain multiple roofing estimates? Because knowledge is power. As an informed consumer, you are put in an excellent position to compare contractors and choose the pro who offers the best deal at the best price.

Roofers Who Finance the Work

Here’s another consideration for you. No matter how urgently you need it, you might not have the cash on hand to cover roofing work right now, even if it’s an emergency. Don’t panic, or run up huge interest charges paying with your credit card. Instead, just look for contractors who are part of a growing trend in home repair -- roofers who finance your roof repair/replacement on convenient, affordable terms. This eases your financial burden and lets you relax.

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Roofing, Gutters

The Best Way To Get Service From Roofers Now

How To Get Service From Roofers Now

Time is of the essence when you’re looking for roof repair. To fix leaks before they ruin your home and make life miserable, you have to find roofers now.

At the same time, of course you don’t want to pay a fortune or compromise on quality. So how do you get fast work, a reasonable price, and great customer service?

“Roofing Companies Near Me”

An excellent starting point when you want quotes from roofers now is this: Stick close to home. Search “roofing companies near me” on the Net to find nearby contractors who can get to your home quickly. Local businesses have a stake in the community and are usually eager to provide fast, reliable service to their neighbors.

Choose Roofers With Free Estimates

Next on your list is figuring out how much the roof repair will cost you. For this, you’ll need professional cost estimates from roofers now. Fortunately, roofing contractors with free estimates tend to be quite common; they want to attract your business by providing an initial quote at no charge.

Savvy homeowners recommend comparing prices from 3 different roofers with free estimates. Naturally, you will be interested not only in the dollar amount, but also in how fast they’ll be able to complete the work.

Great Customer Service From Roofers Now

The best way to get great customer service is to be a great customer. Be ready when the roofing pros come to look at your roof. A written description of what you know about the problem (Example: a large tree fell on the southwest corner of my roof last night), together with photos, can be very helpful.

Prepare a list of questions in advance, so you’ll have an accurate basis to compare roofing estimates. Here are some suggested questions:

  1. Can you send a copy of your estimate to my insurance company?
  2. When can you start work and how long will it take to complete the repair?
  3. Do we have to pull a building permit? (For larger jobs)
  4. What is your payment schedule? (Once again, for larger jobs)
  5. Can my family stay in the house while the repair is in process?
  6. What kind of warranty do you offer on materials and labor?
  7. Who will be responsible for cleanup?
Roofing, Gutters

3 Smart Reasons To Look For Roofers With Free Estimates

How to find roofers with free estimates?

If you spend any time looking for roofing companies on the internet, you are likely to notice a confusingly wide variety of fees and conditions. Choosing roofers with free estimates sounds like a good idea... but is it really?

Should you hire roofers with free estimates and if so, how do you go about finding the right ones?

Let’s answer your question with two more questions.

Why Should I Ask For Free Estimates Before Fixing My Roof?

There are 3 extremely smart reasons for a savvy homeowner to request free roofing estimates.

  1. Minimize financial pressure. When you first call for a quote, your priority is finding out approximately how much the roofing work will cost. Then you’ll have to take it from there and organize the funds for payment. You don’t need the added financial pressure of paying for an estimate at this time. 

  2. Make it easier to choose the right roofer. Asking for quotes from several pros is important. That way, you can compare not only their prices, but also details such as their warranty terms and their time frame. You’ll also get an in-person sense of “chemistry” – how well you click with each one. Talking to roofers with free estimates makes this comparison process possible.

  3. Document the repair process for your insurer. Roof repair may be covered by your homeowners policy. However, insurance companies require complete documentation of the need for repair, often including a written quote. It can take quite some time to wade through all the necessary paperwork before the insurer okays payment. In the meantime, why should you shell out your own money just to get an estimate ?

How Can I Find Roofers With Free Estimates Near Me?

Start with a Google search, using exactly that term, “roofers with free estimates.” Pinpoint your location by entering your zip code.

Once you’re in contact with a local roofing company, confirm that they do, indeed, offer free estimates. Make it clear that you want an employee to come out to look at your roof and give you a price quote, not to make an actual service call (which generally does involve a fee).


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