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Roof Repair Needed . How Can I Get Reliable Help?

Need a roof repair!

“That windstorm we just had was pretty hard on my roof. I found granules in my gutters and a few shingles on the ground. I know I need roof repair as soon as possible, but I’m trying to find a roofing company near me that’s reliable, not just fast.”

If you find yourself in this type of situation, you might be feeling overwhelmed. Though Googling “roofing companies near me” turns up a list of names, you’d like more than that. You want answers but you’re not even sure of your questions.

Don’t worry. Just read this guide to getting reliable roof repair services.

Obtain Estimates

Looking for local roofers is an excellent idea. Make sure they are licensed to work in your area. Request free estimates in writing from several roofing contractors, sending photos of the damage if feasible.

TIP: Stay safe. Do NOT climb up on a damaged roof to inspect the situation or to take pictures. Leave that for experienced professionals.

Services Included In The Roof Repair

Your roofing contractor may help you in a number of ways, including:

  • Pulling a permit, if necessary
  • Roof and attic ceiling inspection
  • Repair of the roof itself
  • Repair of the supporting structure and siding, if they are also damaged
  • Warranty on parts and labor
  • Cleanup of debris

Make sure all services are clearly specified in your repair estimate so you can compare what the different roofing contractors are offering .

How Much Should Roof Repair Cost?

Repair cost typically ranges between about $350 and $1,300.

Roofing labor costs are approximately $45 to $75 an hour. In addition, you will have to pay for materials and supplies.

Will My Insurance Cover Roof Repair Services?

Good news! Repair services may be covered by the homeowners insurance policy. Check your policy details for coverage and exclusions.

However, experts advise against making an insurance claim unless the repair will cost at least 3 times the amount of your deductible (for example, repairs costing $1,800 or more with a $600 insurance deductible).

It’s vital to contact your insurance company rep before beginning roof repair or signing a contract with a roofer. Have on hand your photos of the roof damage, a written description of what happened and receipts for any emergency expenses, such as temporary patching for a roof leak.


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Roofing, Gutters

Roof renovation: Is It Better To Conduct Smaller Repairs Or Replace Entirely?

Do i have to repair or replace my roof?

All roofing problems may not necessarily require a complete replacement. The first step to roof repair is identifying the source of the problem, which is most commonly some sort of leak. A humid environment, age and pollution can accelerate the deterioration of most common roofing materials. Small fixes today may reduce the cost of a total roof replacement in the future. So before replacing your roof in its entirety, learn how to spot the various flaws associated with common wear and tear to determine if you need a quick fix versus a more long-term solution.

How are different types of roofs repaired?

Deciding whether to repair or replace a shingle roof depends on its general condition as well as what part of the roof is faulty. If an area more exposed to the elements (rain, UV rays, pollution) is discolored or if cracks are visible, that particular area should be replaced, but not necessarily the entire roof if no further damage is detected. Leaks occurring in flat and single-ply roofs often result from improper sealing of the underlying materials. These can be quickly and easily repaired by coating and covering seams or applying a professional waterproofing product.

Where can I find a roof repair professional near me ?

It is important to request several estimates to gage the price range expected for roof repair or replacement. Yelp is a great resource for reviews of local roofers and handymen. Remember, roof repair can be considered more as an investment than as an expense, as it is intended to protect you from much more costly subsequent damage and will increase the overall worth and resale value of your home. However, there may be a significant cost associated with roof repair, which is why it’s important to bring competition into play. By completing our online form, you will be able to obtain several quotes to suit your needs, depending upon where you live and the type of roof plus the type(s) of materials needed for the repair or replacement. With, you can access a wide variety of quotes from handymen in your area known for their craftsmanship and professionalism.

Roofing, Gutters

Roof Repair Cost Will Be Realistic And Fair

what is the real cost a roof repair?

When your roof is damaged, you’ll have a couple of crucial decisions to make. First, after looking at potential costs, you must opt for either repair or replacement. Second, you have to determine whether and how to make an insurance claim.

Here’s what you need to know to guide your decisions wisely.

What Determines Roof Repair Cost?

Each case of roof damage is different and the cost of repair will vary according to:

  1. Extent and nature of the damage to your roof
  2. Whether related items, such as soffits and flashing, also need repair
  3. Type of roofing material you have in place
  4. Square footage and height of your home
  5. Your geographic location (on average, roof repair is cheaper in the South and Midwest)

Roof Repair Vs Replacement

The average cost for roof repair in the USA today is approximately $850, as compared to an average of $7,800 for a roof replacement.

It might be more cost effective to opt for a full roof replacement at this point in time. Once again, there are a number of factors to weigh:

  • Seriousness of the damage
  • Age of your roof
  • Availability of matching materials
  • Whether you wish to upgrade or change style; for example, to install energy-efficient roofing or convert from a flat roof to a pitched type
  • Whether you plan to sell your house within the next few years

Repair And Your Insurance

You may be able to file a claim with your insurance company for a large roof repair cost, that is, one which amounts to three times your policy deductible or greater.

Check exactly what your policy does and does not cover. To illustrate, roof damage caused by fallen trees or storms is usually covered, but not neglect – or even normal wear and tear.

Request written estimates from several roofing contractors so that you can compare their details and terms.

Once you’ve verified that the roofer you’d like to hire complies with your homeowners policy requirements, submit his estimate to the insurer for approval. Sign an actual contract with the roofer only after you get the green light from your insurance adjuster.


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