The Parts Of Your Windows And How To Repair Them

Windows parts and how to repair it?

When you’re looking for a window repair person, it is very helpful to familiarize yourself with the parts that make up your windows. Each of these parts can be damaged and each will need its own individual method of repair.

So let’s take an in-depth look at your windows and what makes them tick.


When most people think of windows, a large, clear pane is what comes to mind. But did you know that a single window might be composed of several smaller pieces of glass? These can be simple transparent rectangles or elaborate colorful designs, as found in a stained glass window. Repair is relatively uncomplicated. If the window is broken, a pane or two needs to be replaced.

Double Or Triple Pane

Many homes today are equipped with multi pane windows, each one sandwiching a sealed cavity. These create an energy-efficient insulating effect. When multi pane windows become damaged, their seal must be restored as part of the repair.


The window frame is generally made of wood, aluminum or vinyl. It supports the window pane (or panes) in a wall or door. Depending on their material, window frames may need repair in the form of replacement of rotted or cracked portions, restoration of dried-out or oxidized areas, or patching a broken frame.


FUN FACT: What you probably refer to as a “window sill” is known by the pros as a “window stool.” The window sill itself is actually the bottom bar of the frame, and the window stool is a wooden or stone shelf attached to the window sill. Repair of the window stool consists of filling chips and cracks or remediating wood rot.


A panel is a section of a patio door, which includes a large window enclosed by a frame. In addition to inserting a new pane in place of broken glass, other common types of patio door panel repair are: A) realignment, B) adjustment so that the door will open smoothly or C) replacement of a broken latch.


On either side of your front door, you may have two long narrow windows called sidelights. The most common repair here is replacing one of the sidelights if its glass breaks. Fortunately, replacement of the whole door assembly is unnecessary, although if you’re not able to find matching glass, you might want to replace both sidelights for a uniform look.


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What Should You Do About Door Window Damage ?

Repaired door window

A damaged or broken window always calls for fast action -- but door window repair is especially urgent, requiring an immediate search for “window repair near me.”

Here are 3 reasons why window damage to your door is so dangerous. First, broken glass and debris are hazardous to everyone in and around your home. Second, window damage may prevent the door from opening as it should. And third, a non-functional window leaves your property vulnerable to harsh weather, intruders, stray animals and insect pests.

So take a look at the following types of door window damage and see what kind of door window repair you need... today.

Broken Window Pane

Broken glass looks very dramatic but fixing it actually is a fairly quick and affordable door window repair. Usually a new window pane can be installed without requiring replacement of the door or frame. This is true of all pane sizes, from a small decorative insert in your entrance door to a floor-to-ceiling patio door window pane. However, this fix often involves temporarily removing the door from its frame, so make sure that your house will be secure for the duration.

Damaged Window And Door Screen

Any window and door screen that is torn or otherwise damaged also entails an uncomplicated repair job. In fact, a simple patch might be enough for a small hole. For a larger tear or when an unblemished appearance is essential, new screen material can be inserted into the existing frame.

Leaking Sidelight

Sidelights -- those panels of window glass that often flank a front door -- look great and let in a lot of sunshine. Their one problem, though, is that they are prone to leakage. If the glass is still in good shape, the seal around the panels is usually the culprit that’s letting water into your home. In this case, the panes must be temporarily removed and the sealing compound reapplied.

Door And Window Repair

Sometimes you need both door and window repair. This might be due to a natural disaster such as a violent storm. Or perhaps a burglar tried to break in. In both of these cases, the damage could be quite extensive. Search for “door and window repair near me” to consult with a specialist regarding the best action to take.


Window Pane Damage And How To Handle Repair

How To Handle Repair Pane Window?

Once upon a time, a broken window pane meant just one thing: a smashed or cracked single sheet of plain glass. But these days, windows come in a large variety of styles and energy efficient types.

So if you’re about to search for “window pane repair near me,” take a few minutes to read this article first. You’ll gain a better understanding of the different kinds of window damage and how they should be treated.

Single Pane Window Repair

Standard single pane window repair tends to be the least complex. You’ll need someone to carefully remove the broken pane -- including any bits of shattered glass -- and then scrape off the old putty. Next, a new pane must be fitted into the frame and glazing compound applied to hold the glass securely in place.

While it usually won’t be necessary to remove the entire window for a single pane window repair, do make sure to replace the damaged pane with the same style, color and thickness of glass.

Double Pane Window Repair

Double pane windows are newly popular because they reduce heat loss through your window openings. These energy-efficient insulated windows sometimes require dual pane window repair, though, for one of the following types of damage:

  • Broken double pane window repair

Modern double pane windows are still susceptible to damage in old school ways, such as getting cracked by the neighbor kids’ baseball... or pounded by a severe hailstorm. In this case, the damaged double pane should be taken out and a new one installed. It’s important to use only a sealed insulated glass unit (IGU) in place of the broken panes.

  • Double pane window fogging

“Fog” between the panes of an insulated window means the seal has been compromised, allowing moisture and condensation inside. While it might be possible to remediate double pane window fogging with a recently developed professional defogging procedure, this dual pane window repair technique will restore only your windows’ appearance, not their insulation value. To maintain energy efficiency, installation of a new IGU is the best choice.

Whole Window Replacement

For either single or double pane windows, window pane repair is a quick and economical solution, whenever feasible. However, if your window has been badly damaged or is nearing the end of its expected lifespan (typically about 10 to 20 years for dual pane models), window pane repair is not likely to fix the problem. Instead, you will probably have to replace the whole window – frame and all.


3 Important Reasons You Need Window Sill Repair

Window after sill repair

Let’s hear it for that often-neglected part of your home: the window sill! While your windows themselves get a lot of attention, especially if they are an attractive style or frame a stunning view, window sill design is not really a “thing.”

That’s why it’s easy to ignore the need for repairing a window sill -- you’re just not likely to notice an issue until it’s grown serious. But here are 3 important reasons why you should keep an eye out and get window sill repair as soon as you spot any sill damage.

Maintain your home’s beauty.

Sill damage and neglect detract from the good looks and well-kept appearance of your home. These are a negative at any time, but they could actually be disastrous when you are trying to sell your house. Would-be buyers tend to spot even the smallest signs of negligence (for example, chipped or peeling paint on a window sill) and ask themselves, “What else is wrong with this place?”

Keep the sill from deteriorating further. 

Like most other household problems, sill damage such as wood rot will only get worse if you ignore it. Then instead of a small exterior or interior window sill repair, you’ll wind up faced with a much bigger one – which usually means it will also be urgent and expensive. Do you really want to find yourself frantically googling “window sill repair near me”?

Protect the structure of your house. 

Whether your window sills are made out of wood or of stone, they are vulnerable to the homeowners’ enemy -- water damage. And sill damage is just the beginning of the havoc which rain, snow and condensation can wreak. Unless you repair that rotted window sill or take care of much-needed stone window sill repair, you’re putting your house at risk. Moisture tends to travel swiftly and silently through a building, weakening the structure as it goes. What’s more, untreated water damage can lead to mold and termite infestation.

So do yourself and your home a favor. Get that window sill repair taken care of... today!


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