Need New Windows ? How To Calculate The Cost Of Replacement

How To Calculate The Cost Of Replacement?

So you need to change your old windows – they’re broken, outdated or just worn out. But, as a smart shopper, you’d like to know the cost of replacement in advance.

Find out below how to calculate the approximate price you’ll have to pay.

What Makes Up Window Replacement Cost?

Not all window replacement cost is the same. However, there is a general formula that applies to the price of every installation.

Here it is:

Cost of Replacement = New Window (or Window Part) + Supplies + Labor + A Percentage for Profit .

Important To Know

How badly damaged is your window? This will determine what part you need to replace.

Changing only one window element will usually mean a lower cost for replacement. For instance, window glass replacement cost could run as much as 50 percent lower than the price to install a whole new window.

Why Is The Price Of Some Window Styles So High?

Some window styles (such as a bay window) may be more complex in design and require numerous panes – and unusual sized panes or custom shapes might have to be specially ordered. This would naturally raise your window glass replacement cost, in terms of both the material needed and the labor required to install it.

What Else Affects Window Replacement Cost?

You might be surprised! Price often varies according to:

  • Height of the window. The average cost to replace windows on upper stories is generally more than on the ground floor. The reason? It’s harder for pros to access your top floor carrying heavy windows, tools and supplies.
Location of your home. Window companies may charge more in wealthy urban centers – or in isolated locales that are out of their usual service area.

  • Time of year. Window installers tend to be busiest in the warmer months – spring and summer are their peak season. As a result, customers may pay a premium price at these times.

How To Save Money On Cost Of Replacement

If you’d like to pay a lower price for the cost of replacement windows, choose your material carefully. A vinyl window, for example, will usually cost less than a wooden one.

Consider the time of year, as well. For non-emergency window replacement, book an appointment during the fall or winter. (Pros install windows one at a time, working quickly to minimize cold drafts coming into your home.)


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Replacement Price For 7 Of The Most Popular Window Types

What the replacement price of a bow window?

As a homeowner, you will find that replacement price for your windows varies a great deal. A major factor in replacement windows prices is the type -- that is, the style or material used in their manufacture.

So, what are the most popular window types and what is the price of replacement?

  1. Single or double hung. Single or double hung windows consist of one or two movable sashes, respectively, which hold the panes. While double hung are the most common, single hung windows are about 50 percent cheaper. Average price to replace double hung windows is about $150-$650, while single hung cost approximately $100-$400.

  2. Sliding. Though sliding windows are rather similar to single and double hung types, the major difference is that their sash opens horizontally instead of vertically. Average price to replace sliding windows is in the ballpark of $150-$800.

  3. Picture. Often fixed in place, picture windows are extra-large sized. These attractive windows usually look out on a lovely view. Average replacement price for a new picture window is between $60 and $700.

  4. Bay. Bay windows are a decorative style, consisting of 2 small windows flanking a larger one (which is often a picture window). Average price for bay window replacement will be around $600-$2,500.

  5. Bow. Closely related to bays, bow windows are slightly different in that they are generally made up of 5 (or more) same-sized panes Average price for bow window replacement is $1,000-$4,500.

  6. Casement. Casement windows are operated with a crank. When opened to their fullest extent, they provide an extra wide opening. Average price of casement window replacement can run from $150-$1,000.

  7. Custom. Custom windows come in unusual sizes and shapes. For example, they may be circular, hexagonal or crescent shaped. Cost to replace custom windows varies widely, from about $500 to $5,000 or more.

GOOD TO KNOW: Replacement glass will cost less than replacing the entire window; check with your window installation company whether this is a feasible option for you.

Another differential is the average price of wood vs vinyl windows. Wood costs roughly twice as much as vinyl, but has better insulating qualities.

If you’re willing to pay a premium price, consider an upgrade to a more stylish or energy saving window type. Research the offerings of large suppliers such as Andersen and Pella to find your dream windows.


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