Window Parts -- How To Tell When They Need Replacement

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Simple though it may appear at first glance, a window is actually made up of numerous parts. If and when any of these parts goes bad, you’ll need to get it replaced.

As with all household repairs, the sooner you attend to it, the better. So take a look at the parts of your window, and see whether it’s time to call a window company for service.

Here’s a list to troubleshoot some common problems:

  1. Glass breakage. The most obvious trouble sign is broken glass -- or a broken seal on a multi pane window. You might need an installer to replace it with just one pane, or an entire insulated glass unit (IGU).
  2. Broken latch. Another warning signal is a broken latch on either a window or a patio door. Get this replaced right away! Otherwise, it will act as an open invitation to would-be intruders.

  3. Damaged wood. Touch the wood of your window sash, frame and sill. If it feels overly dry, it could be weather damaged. When the wood is spongy or crumbly, that is an indication of wood rot. Your window installer might be able to repair just the area of damage, but in more serious cases, the window parts will probably need replacement.
  4. Rust. A casement window swings open and closed on hinges, usually operated by means of a crank. Should either the hinges or the crank become rusty, your casement window will move with difficulty – if you can move it all. Time for replacement parts!

  5. Sticky slider. By contrast, when a patio door no longer opens freely, the cause is generally with its tracks. Sliding door tracks easily get gummed up with debris such as dirt, fallen leaves and pet hair. If this doesn’t solve your problem, you might need replacement of the door rollers or the tracks themselves.

Whether you spot one of the above or a totally different problem, do a fast search for “window company near me.” If the trouble is something complex, you’ll probably want to get several quotes on the replacement work. Then compare quotes before you commit yourself to one particular installer.


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Casement Replacement: How Easy Will It Be?

All the answers to your questions about casement replacement!

Are you interested in replacement casement windows? (Those are the windows that swing back and forth on a hinged sash.)

If that’s true for you, you probably have a question on your mind right now: “How easy will it be?”

But that’s actually several questions. Let’s break them down and take a look at each, one by one.

Question 1. How easy will it be to get the replacement done?

The difficulty of replacement casement windows will range from moderately easy (if you have to change out only one part, such as a single broken window pane or a rusted crank mechanism) to somewhat challenging (if the entire casement window, sash and all, needs to be replaced).

The replacement casement windows project gets even more complex when the work has to be done on an upper story of your home. The age of your current window is another complicating factor – it’s almost always harder to find parts, such as a new casement window sash, for an older model.

Question 2. How can I make the replacement process easier?

Hire a company experienced at replacing casement windows. Their technicians will be trained to work quickly and efficiently. In addition, they will have sources and contacts within the industry, so they’ll be well equipped to track down any replacement parts you might need.

Question 3. How easy will it be to find experienced professional installers ?

It shouldn’t be too hard. Just do an online search that’s specific about where you live and what you’re looking for (for example, replacing a Pella casement window sash).

Question 4. And how about cost? I hope that paying for the replacement will be as easy as getting the work done.

The cost varies according to whether you choose wood or vinyl casement windows. Wood tends to cost approximately twice the price of vinyl. Other factors that will determine cost are the size and shape of casements you require, and whether you plan to upgrade your casement windows with, for instance, energy efficient features or a smart home lock sensor.


Door Replacement When You Have A Window In The Picture

Beautiful glass front door, after door replacement

Entry door replacement is a great way to add curb appeal to any residence. What’s more, it comes with a high cost vs value ratio, and is likely to bring in a very nice return on investment (ROI) when you sell your home.

Of course, door replacement must be handled with care... and all the more so when there are windows in, or around, your door.

Learn more from the following list of fascinating window and door facts.

  1. Your front door window is a talented multi-tasker... it lets in light, beautifies both your front porch and your entrance hallway and allows you to check out whoever’s at the door. When the time is ripe for for a replacement, choose a new entry door window that will do all of the above, with style and practicality.

  2. Front door sidelights are a charming decorative element. By adding an illusion of greater height and width (and perhaps a lovely stained glass design), they transform a ho-hum front door into a grand entrance. Showy though they may be, these windows also have a more discreet function; they are usually fixed in place and too narrow to allow even the skinniest burglar to break in.
Is it a door? Is it a window? Surprise, a patio door window is actually both – it’s called a door, because it serves as an opening to enter and leave the house, but like a conventional picture window, it’s also thoughtfully located to showcase a beautiful view, such as an attractively landscaped garden or (better yet) the happy sight of kids frolicking in your back yard.

“Window and door” is a classic combo, just like peanut butter and jelly. And for this reason, many installation companies have a joint window and door specialty.

Of course, this makes life easier for you, the homeowner. You’ll be able to take care of all your door window replacement needs with the same convenient business.


Glass Replacement That Will Suit Your Special Windows Best

Bathroom with glass block window and glass block window wallafter replacement

Some window glass replacement jobs are fairly simple and straightforward. Those are the ones where you’re dealing with standard windows, such as double-hung or casement, and small to medium panes of glass.

Then there are other window glass replacement projects that don’t quite fit the mold. What do these special windows involve in terms of glass replacement?

Glass Block Window

Glass block windows and glass block window walls have several advantages. They let in an amazing amount of light -- without sacrificing privacy, security or energy efficiency. Often sold as prebuilt glass window squares, they’re perfect for a basement or bathroom remodel.

However, when this type of window becomes scratched or cracked, replacing the glass block or square is a little tricky. The damaged piece and its mortar will have to be painstakingly removed, taking care to clean up all glass debris and avoid disturbing the surrounding blocks.

After that, a new block or square must be inserted and mortared into place. It’s important to use one that matches, to maintain the look of your glass block window.


A skylight is really a type of window, but one that is installed in your ceiling rather than a wall or door. Like many specialty windows, skylights do double duty. They illuminate your home’s interior, while adding a pop of stunning style.

There’s one downside, though. Skylights have a limited lifespan – usually 12-15 years. As they age, these beauties often start to leak around the edges.

At that point, consider replacing them rather than attempting to fix them, as skylight glass replacement cost will usually be less than the price of repair.

Storefront Glass

In the world of commercial installations, there’s nothing like a gleaming storefront glass display window to attract walk-in customers to your business.

However, that same storefront glass can turn into a liability if it’s scratched, damaged in a burglary attempt or just plain energy-inefficient.

Obviously, a major consideration for window glass replacement here is the sheer size of pane that you will need. It must be carefully cut, transported and installed by an expert team. At the same time, the storefront glass should be replaced as swiftly as possible to avoid disruption to your business routine.


What You Need To Check To Get The Right Pane Replacement

Be sure to choose the right type of replacement pane

Window pane replacement is a home improvement project which makes a lot of sense. Why? Well, first of all, pane replacement is cheaper than installing a whole new window. It’s also environmentally friendly, because you end up using fewer new materials and sending less waste to the landfill.

Just be sure that you choose the right type of replacement to match the windows in your home. Check these basic facts before looking for “window pane replacement near me.”

Type. Today’s windows come in distinctly different types – the traditional single pane window or the new energy efficient, insulated double pane window. (Triple panes are also available.) They are not interchangeable, so take note of which type you have. If you are replacing a single pane window due to breakage or other damage, you might wish to consult your technician about upgrading to a double pane window installation.

Low E. Ultra-thin low E (low emissivity) window coatings are applied to one side of a pane. Low E coatings minimize heat transfer through your window pane. The result? The pane will let in less hot air in summer and lose less of your indoor heated air in winter. This means improved energy efficiency and lower fuel bills. A low E pane will also admit fewer UV (ultraviolet) sunrays, reducing damage to wood floors, furniture and window treatments. The cost is usually less than for the double pane window type.

Size. Carefully measure both the height and the width of all the window pane(s) which you are planning to replace. A tape measure is fine for this purpose -- although for an extra-tall pane, you are likely to find that a laser measure is simpler to use from floor level.

Glass. Window pane glass comes in a wide array of tints, as well as frosted or reflective options. Tinted glass can be used as part of a stained glass window, as protection against the sun’s glare or just for fun, while frosted or mirrored glass may ensure privacy or simply act as a design feature. If you need only one window pane replacement, you’ll want to match the glass in your other windows. However, when you’re planning whole-house window pane replacement, consider changing the glass style.


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