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Ducted Air Conditioning: Providing Performance And Confort For Your Home.

Ducted Air Conditioning: Performance And Confort For Your Home!

Are you looking for the most efficient way to cool your home in the summer?

Look no further! Imagine a high tech, modern air conditioning system that allows you to control heating and cooling in individual rooms that is also eco-friendly.

Ducted air conditioning is an effective solution to heating and cooling your entire home. A duct air conditioner is a split AC system, which has a central unit that cools the air and then distributes it through a series of ducts into multiple rooms in your home. One of the primary benefits to ducted air conditioning is the allowance to adjust the temperature in each room to your liking.

From a design perspective, duct air conditioning is preferred by many as it is a concealed system with only vents being visible. The ductwork is installed within the ceilings and walls of your home, which can prove to be complex, depending on the construction of your home.

Frequently asked questions about ducted air conditioning systems:

How does ducted air conditioning work?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ducted air conditioning ?

When to choose ducted air conditioning and is it cost efficient?

We’re here to answer these questions and more!


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Ductable Air Conditioning: How It Works And Why It Might Be The Right Choice For You.

Why To Choose

Simply put, a duct type air conditioner is the channel that carries cool air throughout the desired space while also removing warm or stale air.

This system is not only beneficial in both the summer and winter months , it also provides ventilation for better indoor air quality all year long.

Ducted air conditioning systems are popular and very much in demand as temperature is easily regulated throughout each room individually.

Since the installation process is a bit complicated, it is highly suggested to hire a professional.

You may be asking what sets ductable air conditioners apart from other types of air conditioners.

Learn more as we discuss how ductable air conditioners work, the benefits, and whether or not choosing ductable air conditioning is right for you.

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What It Will Cost To Successfully Install A Ductable Air Conditioning System .

What is the budget to install a Ductable Air Conditioning System?

Ductable air conditioners offer many benefits in comparison to other air conditioning systems.

For example, they can be installed using a single unit and still cool the entire living space. Ductable air conditioners are installed in one of two locations: beneath the floor or above the ceiling.

The ductable air conditioning system is a simple, yet sophisticated cooling option. Professional installation is highly suggested, but first, get an estimate...or two!

Although ductable air conditioning is slightly more expensive compared to other systems, it can save you money in the long run.

For example, the installation cost of a single unit is less expensive than the installation of multiple units. Also, having the ability to control the temperature in each room prevents unnecessary usage.

Don’t forget there is less maintenance required since it is a single unit.

How much cost will be incurred if you choose ductable air conditioning ?

Let’s find out!

Heating, Cooling

Reversible Duct Air Conditioning: One Of The Most Popular Air Conditioning Systems On The Market Today !

Reversible Duct Air Conditioning: The Most Popular Air Conditioning System

The demand for reversible duct air conditioning is rapidly growing .

As far as reversible air conditioners go, the ducted reversible air conditioning system is one of the best! Designed to cool and heat the entire home, this system can be seamlessly installed in the ceiling cavity space or under the floor.

Once you find the temperature that you’re most comfortable with, enduring the summer and winter months will be no sweat!

Continue reading to learn more!

Here are some features of reversible duct air conditioning:

Reversible duct air conditioning consists of a central unit and air diffusers. Combined, this system is installed in one of two ways: above the ceiling or under the floor. The vents used in ducted air conditioning are unobtrusive and discreet.

If aesthetics are important to you, this system is a great choice!

Reversible air conditioning is a 2-in-1 solution, which means it cools your home in the summer and heats your home in the winter. It also removes humidity at a much greater rate than ductless systems. Ducted systems also provide an enhanced air flow or fresh air circulation, preventing a room from feeling unventilated and stagnant.

Since air diffusers are generally cumbersome in appearance, they can be replaced with grills, which are unobtrusive and will blend in with the decor of your space.

Installing reversible ducted air conditioners in lost roof spaces is most practical due to the amount of space available to fit the indoor fan coil. Depending on the installation setup, the system moves air through grills in the roof or from below the floor. In general, ceiling mounted vents offer better cooling potential, while floor vents provide optimal heat delivery. Regardless, reversible duct air conditioning will put an end to family temperature disagreements since you are able to select the most comfortable temperature specific to each room in your home.

Ducted air conditioning is generally a great option for all types of residential housing and commercial businesses . Since ducted air conditioning requires a network of ducts to be installed behind the walls and ceilings of your space, it’s best to hire an HVAC expert to do the design and install to prevent any serious mistakes.

Though a ducted air conditioning unit may be costly, in many cases such a unit is easier and less expensive to maintain because there are fewer components. There is only one outdoor condensing unit and one indoor air handler, and both only require occasional cleaning.

While there are several benefits to a ducted air conditioning system, one in particular is aesthetics. While some other types of air conditioners are exposed and might appear obtrusive and unattractive, ducted air conditioning is hidden behind the walls making your space aesthetically more pleasing. The indoor air handler is installed in the attic, which allows for more physical space within your home or business. The only parts that are exposed are the grills/air vents, which are installed on walls or the ceiling.

So we’ve covered comfort levels and running costs, but what about the noise factor?

A noisy air conditioning unit can affect the comfort of an air conditioned environment. Naturally sound is generated from a working unit since air conditioners work hard to function. However, we are here to tell you, reversible ducted air conditioners are generally the quietest systems on the market .

Climate control! Controlling your indoor climate can be challenging when you’re trying to please everyone in your home. Typically, we all experience thermal comfort differently. With reversible ducted air conditioning, you control the temperature of each room using individual controls, also known as zoning.

Temperature control also benefits your wallet. You can save significantly on energy when you heat or cool specific rooms in the house, rooms in which you are actually occupying.

Price vs. comfort. Have you ever heard the saying, “you get what you pay for?”

We think this is absolutely true when it comes to reversible ducted air conditioning. Although the purchase price and cost of installation of reversible ducted air conditioning can be costly, it is simpler and easier to maintain, saving you money in the long run. Most importantly, when installed correctly by an HVAC expert, this system is designed to meet your thermal needs whether it’s hot and humid or uncomfortably cold outside.


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