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Roofing Companies And The Services They Offer

Roofing companies services

When you take a close look at roofing companies , they are really quite impressive. Not only do roofers handle roof repair or replacement, many offer a variety of related home improvement services as well.

Find out more about what these multi-talented contractors can do.

Services Commonly Provided By Roofing Contractors

  1. Repair of damaged roofing components, such as curling shingles or rotting joists
  2. Replacement of entire roof, when necessary
  3. Roof installation on newly constructed houses
  4. Sealing around chimneys, vents and other protrusions
  5. Regular roof maintenance and upkeep
  6. Roof inspection, for insurance or sale purposes
  7. Gutter and downspout installation and cleaning
  8. Installation of exterior siding

When to Call a Roofing Company

Call a roofing company ASAP if you see -- or even suspect -- a problem with your roof. A water leak, shingles blown off by last’s night’s storm or a metal roof battered by hail are all examples of obvious warning signals.

Additional signs of roof trouble might be more subtle, such as granules in the gutters (which indicate that your shingles are losing their protective coating), water staining of your attic ceiling, or a musty, moldy smell in the house.

Don’t ignore any of these red flags. The roof problem will only get worse if it’s not taken care of promptly.

Choosing Among Roofing Businesses

Choosing among roofing businesses is complicated, but it’s easier if you know what to look for.

First of all, the popular Google search terms “roofing companies near me” or “roofing companies in my area” really do make a lot of sense. A local roofer will be able to get to you easier and faster, and has a reputation within your community to uphold.

Next, you’ll want to speak with nearby roofing contractors to compare their services and prices. Don’t make up your mind before having several pros check out your roof and provide detailed estimates.

Another point that may be a tiebreaker in your decision is finding roofing companies that finance the work. This will save you hassle, especially in the case of a roofing emergency, when time is of the essence in getting the repair done. It can also save you money, because contractor loans are generally backed by financial institutions which offer attractive rates.


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Roofing, Gutters

How To Find Great Roofing Companies Near Me ?

How To Find Roofing Companies Near Me ?

When you have a roof leak, the natural reaction is to turn to Google and search for “roofing companies near me.” Or maybe you prefer to browse through local Yelp reviews. Well, that gets you off to a good start.

Why “Roofing Companies Near Me” Is a Good Start

The best roofers for your needs are usually right in your area. Why? Consider these 3 important reasons:

  1. Convenience. Roofing contractors in your area can get to you more easily in an emergency.
  2. Cost Savings. If travel time is part of the cost of roof replacement or repair, you’ll end up paying less.
  3. Reputation. Google results and anonymous Yelp reviews don’t tell you a lot about a company’s integrity. However, an established local contractor has a reputation to uphold in the community.

Search Smarter for Nearby Roofers

While you’re searching for “roofing companies near me,” dig a little deeper and look for pros who are willing to provide you with free estimates. That way the contractor will come to your home, so you can meet face to face, show them the exact nature of the problem and get a reasonable idea of the cost to replace or repair your roof. For comparison purposes, multiple roofing estimates are best.

Find Local Roofers that Finance

Roof repair or replacement can be expensive, often costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Not every homeowner has that kind of money readily available. And although applying for a bank loan might be feasible for, say, a kitchen remodel or new floors, roofing work is more urgent, meaning you simply might not have time to go through lengthy paperwork. Paying with your credit card would be a quicker solution, but who wants to be stuck with those sky-high interest rates?

Fortunately, these days there are more and more local roofers that finance the job. Partnered with established lending institutions, they are ready to provide a financial helping hand to consumers in their community. This will allow you to take care of the roofing work you require right now, on terms you can afford.

Roofing, Gutters

Roofing Company That Finances Is A Huge Help In An Emergency

Roofing company that finance

When you’re hit with major roof damage, coming up with the cash to get it fixed may be a challenge. That’s when a roofing company that finances – in addition to performing repairs -- could be an enormous help.

“Sounds excellent,” you’re probably thinking, “but how exactly does it work? Will I be able to get financing with bad credit? And how do I find roofing companies that finance near me?”

Let’s find out.

How A Roofing Company That Finances Can Help You

  1. Fast, uncomplicated financing. The last thing you need in a home emergency is scrambling around to come up with the cash. Yet standard loan applications tend to involve a ton of paperwork plus a waiting period of 7 days or more for approval. By contrast, when you deal with a roofing company that finances, the funds are usually available right away.

  2. Competitive interest rates. Forget about using your credit card to cover roof repair – you’ll pay an annual interest rate of about 17%. (Ouch!) Roofing contractors that finance are partnered with reputable lending institutions, and offer credit at much more affordable rates. 

  3. Reasonable terms. Depending on your individual situation, the financing repayment period ranges from several months to a year or more. This will give you a reasonable breathing space to pay off the loan.

Roofer Financing With Bad Credit

Even with bad credit, you have a good-to-excellent chance of obtaining roofer financing. Often with this type of loan, your ability to make regular payments is at least as important as your credit score. Don’t be shy; find a roofing company that finances and discuss the possibilities with them up front.

Find Local Roofing Contractors With Financing

When you search Google for roofing contractors , take your request one step further by simply using the phrase “roofers near me that finance.”

Finance A Roof Replacement

Roof damage varies. The roofing contractors who come to your home to provide estimates might say that just a few new shingles will take care of it, or you might need a whole new roof. Although, on average, roof replacement costs $7,800 (more if you own a very large home or choose an expensive slate or metal roofing material), you will be able to handle it, with the help of contractor financing.

Roofing, Gutters

Where Do You Find The Best Roofers Online?

Contractors doing a complete new roof

When you’re looking for roofers , you want to be sure to get the best. After all, roof repair or replacement tends to be a complex, expensive project. At the same time, you most likely need the work done as quickly as possible, to protect your home and belongings from the danger of roof leaks and water damage.

So How Do You Find Great Roofers -- NOW?

Start your search by browsing the internet... but be cautious. Though you will find plenty of roofing companies on sites like Yelp or Angie’s List, how can you be sure that they are right for you? Even five-star online reviews tend to be very subjective. Meeting a few roofers in person will give you a better sense of what they’re like to work with. But many of the pros listed will charge you an arm and a leg just to come out and actually look at the problem.

Roofers with Free Estimates

You’ll be better off refining your search to look for roofers with free estimates. What that means is simple: you will not pay any fee for them merely to visit your home, chat with you and assess your roof. Ideally, try to get several roofing pros to give you free quotes, before you commit yourself to signing a contract with anyone.

Why is it so important for you to obtain multiple roofing estimates? Because knowledge is power. As an informed consumer, you are put in an excellent position to compare contractors and choose the pro who offers the best deal at the best price.

Roofers Who Finance the Work

Here’s another consideration for you. No matter how urgently you need it, you might not have the cash on hand to cover roofing work right now, even if it’s an emergency. Don’t panic, or run up huge interest charges paying with your credit card. Instead, just look for contractors who are part of a growing trend in home repair -- roofers who finance your roof repair/replacement on convenient, affordable terms. This eases your financial burden and lets you relax.

Now go ahead and get the job done!


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