Window Repair Or Replacement: Which Is The Best Option

New Multi Pane Window After Repair

With today’s throwaway mentality, if any parts of your window are broken the idea of repair (rather than buying new) might not even cross your mind. But do give it a thought.

Sometimes window repair is quite feasible and will turn out to be the most eco-friendly, money saving choice. In other instances, replacement is going to be your best course of action.

How to tell whether repair or replacement is the right option? First consider these 5 pointers and then find a trustworthy window company to back up your decision.

  1. Types of window you have now. Is your home currently fitted with old school, single pane windows? If so, replacement with modern double or triple pane windows would be wise. You will reduce heat transfer via the windows by 50 percent. That means an increase in both energy efficiency and comfort. (PS: Lower fuel bills, too!)

  2. Energy efficiency. If your windows and frames are still in good to excellent shape, you may not want to replace them just yet. Rather, you could get some basic maintenance repair done. Hire a company to caulk and weather strip the frames to keep out those cold winter winds (or hot outdoor air in summer) for increased energy efficiency.

  3. Parts of window affected. Broken or loose window glass is a common occurrence, which is usually straightforward to repair. However, when your window frame is warped or rotten, or your multi-pane window’s seal has failed (visible moisture between the panes is a warning sign!), you might be better off replacing the whole window.
Seriousness of damage. Once again, look at the nature of the damage. To illustrate, small areas of rot or rust on parts of the window may be worthwhile to repair. But when the entire structure has been badly damaged -- if a burglar has forced entry, for example -- window replacement will be a good idea.
  5. Availability of supplies. Are you the proud owner of a restored historic home, complete with the original windows and vintage hardware? Or perhaps you installed several lovely stained glass windows in a more modern residence. In either of these cases, the difficulty of matching your existing windows will rule out replacement. Hire a qualified company for window repair instead.

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I Want To Find A Great Window Service Near Me

Great repair Window near me

The best word to describe me is “houseproud.” Anyone who lives near me can tell; I am the happy owner of a beautifully kept home, with nice freshly painted siding and lots of windows to let in the sun.

Right now I’m a little agitated, however. I have a broken window and I want it taken care of as soon as humanly possible. So I’m searching for window glass repair near me.

Fortunately, I am also frequently described as “well organized.” That’s why I have a list of questions ready to ask the window glass repair companies so I can compare their service and prices.

Here are my questions, together with the answers that I’ve been given so far:

Q. Can you just repair the pane or should the whole window be replaced?

A. Often a broken house window only needs a new glass insert, as long as the frame and other components are undamaged. This budget friendly fix will potentially save you as much as half the cost of a complete replacement.

Q. How much will I have to pay to get a broken home window repaired?

A. Costs vary. As mentioned above, if you just require a new glass insert, you can save substantially. On the other hand, your broken window restoration may involve work on the frame or window sill, as well, which will raise the price quite a bit. The window glass repair technician will be able to estimate the total cost more accurately once he actually sees the damage.

Q. Do I have to have a foggy double-pane window repaired?

A. Yes, fogging means that the seal has failed, allowing moisture in between the panes. Until the double-pane window is repaired and resealed by a professional who knows what he is doing, your window will not be able to insulate your house.

Q. Is there a window glass repair company near me that can provide service this evening?

A. Very likely, yes. Many glass companies are open 24/7 for repair any hour of the day or night. They know from experience that a broken house window emergency can happen any time... and their priority is fixing it for you, cleaning up any glass debris and getting your lovely home back to normal ASAP.


The Parts Of Your Windows And How To Repair Them

Windows parts and how to repair it?

When you’re looking for a window repair person, it is very helpful to familiarize yourself with the parts that make up your windows. Each of these parts can be damaged and each will need its own individual method of repair.

So let’s take an in-depth look at your windows and what makes them tick.


When most people think of windows, a large, clear pane is what comes to mind. But did you know that a single window might be composed of several smaller pieces of glass? These can be simple transparent rectangles or elaborate colorful designs, as found in a stained glass window. Repair is relatively uncomplicated. If the window is broken, a pane or two needs to be replaced.

Double Or Triple Pane

Many homes today are equipped with multi pane windows, each one sandwiching a sealed cavity. These create an energy-efficient insulating effect. When multi pane windows become damaged, their seal must be restored as part of the repair.


The window frame is generally made of wood, aluminum or vinyl. It supports the window pane (or panes) in a wall or door. Depending on their material, window frames may need repair in the form of replacement of rotted or cracked portions, restoration of dried-out or oxidized areas, or patching a broken frame.


FUN FACT: What you probably refer to as a “window sill” is known by the pros as a “window stool.” The window sill itself is actually the bottom bar of the frame, and the window stool is a wooden or stone shelf attached to the window sill. Repair of the window stool consists of filling chips and cracks or remediating wood rot.


A panel is a section of a patio door, which includes a large window enclosed by a frame. In addition to inserting a new pane in place of broken glass, other common types of patio door panel repair are: A) realignment, B) adjustment so that the door will open smoothly or C) replacement of a broken latch.


On either side of your front door, you may have two long narrow windows called sidelights. The most common repair here is replacing one of the sidelights if its glass breaks. Fortunately, replacement of the whole door assembly is unnecessary, although if you’re not able to find matching glass, you might want to replace both sidelights for a uniform look.


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