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Portable Air Conditioning: The Perfect Solution To Air Conditioning your Home With Ease

Mobile Air Conditioning: The Perfect Solution To Air Conditioning your Home!

During periods of extreme heat , it's important for your well-being and your health to stay in a room with a pleasant temperature.

Precisely, the role of air conditioning is to cool a room or even an entire house, when the heat is felt.

Anyone who has opted for air conditioning in their home will tell you how great it feels to be in a place where the temperature is bearable.

There is mobile air conditioning, that is, the air conditioner can be moved using casters, fixed air conditioning (the air conditioner is hung on the wall) or reversible air conditioning (the air conditioner blows hot or cold depending on the season.

Each type of air conditioning has its advantages and disadvantages. Many homes use mobile air conditioning because of its lower cost, the ease of moving and storing it. In addition, for occasional uses of air conditioning, the portable air conditioner is the right solution.

It would be nice to learn more about this type of air conditioning.

Our article will help you find out everything you need to know about mobile air conditioning.

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Heating, Cooling

How does portable air conditioner work and why choose it?

Portable Air conditioner

The portable air conditioner is a portable device that allows you to cool a single room, mounted on a caster, easy to move and requiring no installation carried out by a professional.

Unlike a fixed air conditioner, it is the device that adapts to your position and not the other way around.

Just direct the flow of ventilation towards you to savor the artificial breeze that comes out.

Whether you are in your living room, kitchen or even in your caravan, all you have to do is find a power point to turn on this little wonder.

Portable air conditioners are a great choice!

Only here, on what criteria should be based to make your choice?

What should you check before buying a portable air conditioner?

This is what we will see together in this article for the air conditioning of your home.

Heating, Cooling

Portable Air Conditioner: How To Make The Right Choice? Know The Different Types Of Air Conditioners.

How To Make The Right Choice?

Opting for a portable air conditioner in hot weather is the bestsolution.

This device is easy to install. Inexpensive, it can effectively cool small spaces.

However, buying a portable air conditioner should not be done at random. It is important to clearly identify your needs in order to choose the most suitable device.

This is why we give you all the information you need.

There are two types of portable air conditioner: split air conditioner and monobloc air conditioner.

The split model consists of an indoor unit to cool the air and an outdoor unit to exhaust the hot air. It has wheels that allow it to be moved if necessary. The two units that compose it are connected to each other by a refrigerant which allows the cooling of the air which will then be discharged into the room.

This type of portable air conditioning has the advantage of being ultra quiet since the compressor is located outside the home. However, it is less easy to move because it must always be connected to the outdoor unit.

In terms of performance, the split air conditioner is unanimously recognized as being more powerful than a monobloc air conditioner.

The quality of the air conditioning obtained is superior and it is also the least noisy, certainly because the noisiest unit is outside.

Most split air conditioners also serve as air dehumidifiers. Some more modern models are reversible and therefore usable all year round whether it is hot or cold.

The monobloc model, you will understand, is a portable air conditioner that has only one block.

The entire air conditioning mechanism is combined in a single box. It is therefore heavier but can be moved easily thanks to its casters.

It is therefore practical and economical! Not only can it be moved from room to room, but in addition, when the heat period is over, it can easily be stored.

Among the portable air conditioners available, it is the cheapest. However noisier, so be sure to choose a model of box equipped with soundproofing.

How much power for your portable air conditioner?

In order for an air conditioner to meet your needs, you will need to choose the appropriate cooling capacity for the room to be cooled.

This power is expressed in BTU (British Thermal Unit). For a room of 161.45 sq ft, an air conditioner must have a minimum cooling capacity of 7000 BTU.

A power of 9,000 BTU will be required for a room of 269.09 sq ft and 12,000 BTU for 376.73 sq ft.

A higher power will be chosen if your rooms include patio doors, bay windows or if it is exposed due south.

Be careful not to choose an air conditioner with too low cooling power that will not meet your needs, or an too powerful air conditioner that will operate in sub-regime and will be more expensive to buy.

Regarding electric power, mobile air conditioners are ordered by an energy class (EER class), like any household appliance. Thus, their consumption goes from class A to class G. Air conditioners being relatively energy-consuming, move towards class A.

Reversible mobile air conditioners

We cannot talk about mobile air conditioning without saying a few words about reversible mobile air conditioners. Summer and winter, temperatures must be regulated inside the house to ensure optimal thermal comfort.

The presence of a reversible portable air conditioner offers real flexibility, whatever the climatic conditions.

The term "reversible portable air conditioner" refers to the portable back-up device that can be installed and moved from one room to another to improve temperatures within each room of the house. In summer, it cools the ambient air, while in winter, it heats the room thanks to a heating mode.

The reversible portable air conditioner therefore contributes to improving the comfort of everyone on a daily basis, regardless of the season concerne.

Heating, Cooling

Simplicity, The Watchword Of Portable Air Conditioning!

Simplicity, The Watchword Of Portable Air Conditioning!

The portable air conditioner is available in the markets in several forms and at various prices. One thing is certain, whatever air conditioner you may want to purchase, it is easy to use.

With portable air conditioning, you don't need to surround yourself with a technical expert. No need to make any changes to your interior either.

Say goodbye to endless quotes, complicated explanations from specialists and costly work.

Our article will tell you everything you need to know about mobile air conditioning.

How to install, use or maintain your portable air conditioning?

But also, what budget to plan for the purchase of a portable air conditioning.

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