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If we had to describe portable air conditioning in one word, it would be SIMPLE!

Simplicity, The Watchword Of Portable Air Conditioning!

Portable air conditioners are quite popular and all around the world. There are several models of portable air conditioners on the market and they range in price. It is fair to say that all models are simple to operate, regardless which model you choose.

Portable air conditioners are easy to install, easily moveable, and cost effective.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of portable air conditioners.

Let’s begin by exploring the installation process and cost.


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Heating, Cooling

Portable Air Conditioner: A Simple System To Install, Use And Maintain!

Portable Air Conditioner: A Simple System To Install, Use And Maintain!

How to install your portable air conditioner?

A portable air conditioner does not need installation and its maintenance is very simple. Once extracted from its packaging, it is operational immediately.

If it's a monobloc (single pièce), you just have to slide the drain hose through the opening of a window or into a specially adapted ventilation opening.

Place your monobloc mobile air conditioning on a flat surface so that it does not roll. Preferably choose a quiet place, out of the way and out of the sun.

Keep doors and windows closed when it is in use and do not obstruct the air inlets and outlets of the appliance.

If you have purchased a portable split air conditioner, place the compressor on your patio or balcony. And connect it to the fan inside the house.

How to use your portable air conditioner?

Using a portable air conditioner is very simple. Before switching it on, read the safety advice and the user manual carefully.

You will find all the details to operate your device in optimal conditions: choice of temperature, ventilation speed, timer programming...

Some portable air conditioners have additional functions. These options provide better comfort in the daily operation of the device.

Examples include the infrared digital remote control for remote control. Very useful for not moving when you are sitting on your sofa.

Or the option to program a start time as well as an operating time. What is also very appreciable on a mobile air conditioning. We can thus take advantage of the costs without waiting on the way home…

How to maintain your portable air conditioner?

Having a portable air conditioner at home is the guarantee not to suffer from the heat wave regardless of the room in which you are. However, simply having an air conditioner is not the only issue.

The real question is how you can maintain your portable air conditioner so that it does not deteriorate. Or that it doesn’t start brewing air dirty with dust or something.

  • Outdoor maintenance of the portable air conditioner

The outside maintenance of the portable air conditioner is very important so that it can keep its clarity. For cleaning, you do not need to use detergents. You may damage your portable air conditioner.

Just bring a cloth and water. After cleaning, take a dry cotton cloth and clean again to leave no trace of water.

  • Indoor maintenance of the portable air conditioner

Several interior parts of the air conditioner must be serviced. First, cleaning the filters is important. Then you have to think about maintaining the refrigerant circuit finally, descaling.

  • Cleaning the filters

The filter allows your portable air conditioner to rid the air of dust particles present. Besides that, the dust settles naturally, so it is important that you clean them more often.

Before you start cleaning your filters, you must unplug your portable air conditioner. Then take them out of the air conditioner. Dust them as well as possible with a vacuum cleaner. Then immerse them in non-soapy water and clean them.

  • Maintenance of the refrigerant circuit

The refrigerant circuit is used by the air conditioner in the compression cycle to transfer calories. Its maintenance requires a certain security such as: no smoking near the circuit, no inhaling the refrigerant, eye and hand protection and many others.

With all these precautions, a person who is not aware can not afford to clean themselves. So you need to call a qualified professional in this area.

  • Descaling

Descaling involves removing the lime that is in your portable air conditioner. It must be done at least once a year. To do this, take an anti-limescale supplied by the manufacturer of your portable air conditioner and follow the instructions on the leaflet.

Heating, Cooling

Portable Air Conditioner: An Inexpensive System

Portable Air Conditioner: An Inexpensive System!

Due to this simplicity of installation, use or maintenance, the cost is quite moderate, depending on the models and the power chosen.

Typically, the budget required for this installation will be between $ 150 and $ 800. You will nevertheless take care to avoid the least expensive models, which are often very ineffective. The price of a standard but quality model will most often be between $ 300 and $ 400.

Whatever the reason you are considering buying a portable air conditioner , first study the model that fits your needs. Then take into consideration the price displayed.

Fortunately, in addition to its undeniable performance, mobile air conditioning remains an affordable device. Naturally, the price fluctuates depending on the technical parameters, the quality of the materials, the options and the prestige of the brand.

If it's a question of air conditioning a small room, you can be satisfied with a modest and inexpensive appliance. On the other hand, if your objective is to air condition a large room, you will need to acquire a portable air conditioner powerful enough to fulfill this mission. Expect to shell out a few more tickets as a result.

Price factors of the portable air conditioner

The cost of this device depends on a number of factors:

  • The brand: it is better to opt for a recognized brand. The device will be more expensive, but also more reliable.
  • Its power: depending on the size of the room to be conditioned and your needs, you will opt for a more or less powerful and efficient air conditioner. Be careful though: the power of a portable air conditioner will also determine its energy consumption.
  • Its characteristics: an air conditioner can have different options and characteristics, such as activation by remote control, or the option of dehumidifying a room. It's up to you to choose an air conditioner that is both within your budget and meets all your needs.
  • Reversible mobile air conditioner or not: you can opt for an air conditioner that is both mobile and reversible (that is to say that also acts as heating), but the latter will obviously be more expensive.

It’s easy to find entry-level products for just a few hundred dollars. If your requirements are up to your finances, then do not hesitate to invest more.

You have everything to gain, both in comfort and maneuverability.

To buy a cheap portable air conditioner, try to take advantage of the sales or an attractive promotion. In winter, during the low season, the devices often display a very attractive price. There is something to benefit from a nice sale or a nice promotion.


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