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Whether It’s A Wall Unit, Window Unit, Or A Portable Unit, Let’s Explore The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Monobloc Air Conditioner.

Everything You Need To Know About The Monobloc Air Conditioner!

There are 2 types of air conditioners that are very common among residential settings .

  • A split air conditioner (one outdoor condenser and at least one indoor unit)
  • Monobloc air conditioner

This article will concentrate on monobloc air conditioners. These units in particular are a popular solution when cooling a small space because they are easy to install and lower in cost.

As the name suggests, monobloc air conditioning is composed of a single unit, which is stationed indoors. Since monobloc air conditioning is limited in capacity, it is known to be a great back-up or used to cool small spaces.

There are different types of monobloc air conditioners. For example, there is a portable/mobile unit, floor mounted unit, wall mounted unit, and a wall unit.

If you’re looking for an economical and simple system to cool down a small space, a monobloc air conditioner may be the perfect solution for you.

Let’s discover which type of unit will fit your needs.


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Heating, Cooling

What Are The Types Of Monobloc Air Conditioner?

What Are The Types Of Monobloc Air Conditioner?

We find the monobloc air conditioner within two large families:

Mobile installation:

This type of domestic electrical appliance consists of a unit including a discharge of hot air by a hose. Mobile thanks to casters, it will allow you to move it according to your needs.

Indeed, the mobility of this product will perfectly satisfy your desires because you can use the unit in your living room during the day and move it to your bedroom for the night.

A monobloc portable air conditioner is also used to dehumidify and filter the air in your home. The air passing through the internal filter will be purified, rewarding you with the passage of improved air quality.

Let's not forget that this type of air conditioner does not require installation work.

Fixed installation:

In this category we find the family of monobloc air conditioners built into the frame, walls or windows. It remains more expensive than a mobile air conditioner but has better performance. A professional in the air-conditioned installation should be called at this stage .

The fixed monobloc air conditioner, also called an “in & out” air conditioner, looks like an electric wall heater. Embedded in a wall, an exhaust grille is then visible from the outside.More elegant and quieter, it evacuates the hot air through the wall, directly from the rear of the device, via the grille. evacuation.

In the fixed monobloc AC family you can find:

  • The monobloc wall-mounted air conditioner (without an external unit) can be placed on the floor or above it to remain discreet and compact in your home.
  • There is also another option which is that of the window unit air conditioner. This type of device is quite noisy (indoors AND outdoors).

It is a monobloc air conditioner all in one which is usually placed in a single set above a window or below in light. It simply ensures the air conditioning of a room and is easily installed on condition of providing a location or a large reservation on an exterior wall.

Unlike the split system, there is no manipulation of the refrigeration circuit, the air conditioner being placed between the outside and the inside of the room.

Window air conditioners are widely used in hot countries and here in the United States; the walls being light and the openings easy to make. The disadvantage in addition to the important reservation in an external wall, is also the relatively important sound level.

This type of monobloc air conditioners also exists in reversible air conditioning (production of heating by an electrical resistance). It can be in the form of a fixed air conditioner or a portable air conditioner.

Unlike other reversible air conditioners, this one has only one indoor unit, which means that you can only install this type of equipment in one room of your accommodation.

Thanks to a reversible monobloc air conditioner, you will be able to cool or heat an entire room in just a few moments. So, unlike traditional radiators for example, you will be able to feel comfortable at home without having to wait long minutes.

The other very interesting point of the reversible monobloc air conditioning is that it is a very easy to use product that can be controlled exclusively with a remote control. Thanks to the latter, you can increase or decrease the temperature or even the air flow for example.

Heating, Cooling

Pros And Cons: Why To Choose Monobloc Air Conditioning [[In CITY]]?

Why To Choose Monobloc Air Conditioning ?

We will show you the pros and cons of such a system. It is true that the monobloc air conditioner aims to give satisfaction to people on a small budget for the purchase of their air conditioning unit.

The pros of the monobloc air conditioner: the price and the installation !

  • The price: significantly cheaper than a single or multisplit air conditioner, the monobloc air conditioner allows everyone to be able to equip themselves with an air conditioning system.
  • Installation: monobloc air conditioning has no external unit. There’s nothing to do except plug it in: we’re talking about a Plug & Play device. No electrical work, no holes to extract the air outside. No work, so no additional installation is required (except in the case of the fixed monobloc wall-mounted air conditioner which requires special installation).

Another advantage of a monobloc air conditioner is the low maintenance it requires. Indeed, a simple cleaning of the filters each year will guarantee an interesting lifespan.

This type of air conditioning is suitable for all types of accommodation, whatever your situation (owner, tenant).

And its price / quality ratio is undoubtedly the most interesting on the market.

The cons of the monobloc air conditioner: noise and power!

On the other hand, despite its attractive price, a monobloc air conditioner also has drawbacks which should not be overlooked.

  • Noise: depending on the brand and type of appliance chosen, you should expect to have a fairly noisy appliance in the room, comparable to the hum of a working fridge.
  • Power: its other drawback remains its power and therefore its possibilities of use. Only intended for small spaces, it will not be effective if it is in a room that is too large or in places where the heat is too intense. It is therefore not suitable for all situations.

Finally, in its mobile version, the monobloc air conditioner must be installed near an opening in order to extract the hot air, which will not always be practical depending on the configuration of the room in which it is located.

The pros of a reversible monobloc air conditioning!

Reversible monobloc air conditioning is a product that offers very interesting advantages on a daily basis, which explains the dazzling success it currently meets.

First of all, the reversible monobloc air conditioner is the cheapest type of air conditioning at the moment. It is quite possible to afford such a product without breaking the bank, which is not the case with other devices such as reversible multisplit air conditioners.

If you are comfortable enough in DIY, then it will be quite possible for you to install your air conditioning without needing to call in a professional. The most complicated job will be to drill your wall to be able to connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. Aside from that, you will have no trouble predicting, which will obviously save you the cost of the intervention of a specialized craftsman.

The other very interesting point of the reversible monobloc air conditioning is that it is a very easy to use product that can be controlled exclusively with a remote control. With the latter, you can increase or decrease the temperature or even the air flow.

Thanks to a reversible monobloc air conditioner, you will be able to cool or heat the room in just a few moments. So unlike traditional heaters, you can feel comfortable at home without having to wait long minutes.

Finally, acquiring reversible monobloc air conditioning also means choosing savings. And for good reason, you can reduce your energy bills related to your heating by 70% since the device, via its compressor, will take care of creating heat independently while consuming only very little electricity.

The disadvantages of a reversible monobloc air conditioning!

It's also important that you take note of the few weak points from which unfortunately reversible monobloc air conditioning systems suffer.

Unfortunately, the main drawback of a packaged air conditioner is that it is only equipped with an indoor unit. If your accommodation has more than one room, you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of such equipment in each room.

And further, such air conditioning is not visually the prettiest thing. Although the manufacturers try to make them more attractive, they still remain unattractive when installed.


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