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Monoblock Air Conditioning: One Of The Most Affordable Options On The Market In .

Monoblock Air Conditioning: The Cheapest On The Market!

A monobloc air conditioner: What is it?

As its name suggests, monobloc air conditioning comes in the form of a single auxiliary cooling unit. It is one of the most convenient and most common types of air conditioning used in residential settings.

Monoblock air conditioners are used to cool the interior of a home. In order to do so, the system has air pipes attached used to disperse heated air outside.

This system is most commonly used to cool small spaces, specifically one room. In turn, it is not recommended to use monoblock air conditioners in large spaces as it will fail to generate enough energy required to cool the entire space.

Monoblock air conditioning is used in small residential settings and in environments, such as , that do not require air conditioning all year round.

Monoblock air conditioners can be fixed or portable. A system that is fixed is floor mounted and cannot be transported easily. Portable air conditioners are easily moveable and not mounted, making them convenient and affordable.

The components of a monobloc air conditioner

Generally speaking, air conditioning works very much like a refrigerator.

It is composed of an evaporator, placed inside the room, and a condenser, which is installed outdoors.

The 4 components of air conditioning:

  1. the compressor
  2. the condenser
  3. the regulator
  4. the evaporator

Monoblock air conditioners differ from other air conditioners in that all 4 components are combined into a single unit.

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Wall, Window, Portable ... Everything You Need To Know About The Monobloc Air Conditioner! What Are The Pros And Cons?

Everything You Need To Know About The Monobloc Air Conditioner!

In air conditioning, there are mainly 2 versions:

  • split air conditioners with an outdoor unit and at least one indoor,
  • monobloc air conditioning.

We will focus in this article on the 2nd version which is an air conditioner easy to install and inexpensive which makes it a particularly popular solution to cool a room in case of heat peak .

You should know that monobloc air conditioning is a backup or troubleshooting system, generally used to cool tight spaces. As the name suggests, monobloc air conditioning is made up of a single unit located inside.

Should you choose a type of wall-mounted, fixed monobloc air conditioner or a silent monobloc air conditioner?

How to choose your monobloc air conditioner?

Through our article, you will discover what are the different types of air conditioner.

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Plan Your Budget And Learn How To Maintain Your Monobloc Air Conditioner


Planning your budget means estimating the cost of the installation.

This is to set the price for the all-inclusive installation. That is to say the air conditioning unit itself, installation by a professional or not and compulsory commissioning by an approved professional if necessary.

It is also important to also estimate the operating cost. The operating cost of an air conditioner depends on its use (summer only, or summer and winter) and on the consumption of the device.

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