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Split Air Conditioning: Efficient And Cost Effective!

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What is a split air conditioning system? A split air conditioner is simply divided in two parts. It consists of one outdoor unit and one indoor unit (mono-split), which distributes air from a wall mounted cooling unit or vents in the floor.

One of the benefits of a split air conditioning system is the ability to have more than one indoor unit (connected to a single outdoor unit). This is called a multi-split system.

The split system keeps the hot air outside and the cool air inside. More specifically, the compressor and condenser coils can be found in the outdoor unit, while the evaporator coils, blower, and air filter are located in the indoor unit.

When selecting a split air conditioning system, there are several indoor designs to choose from. We’ve listed some of these options and their technical terms:

  • portable, on wheels (“mobile split”)
  • fixed - wall mounted or floor vents (“wall split”)
  • window units (“console split”) discrete units where the bulk of the unit is built into the ceiling (“cassette”)
  • ceiling suspended unit installed in the ceiling space or attic (“ductable split”)

The split air conditioning system has many benefits. It is not only efficient and cost effective, it is also quiet and easy to maintain.

How Split Air Conditioning Operates

Split air conditioning systems are categorized as follows:

  • A fixed outdoor unit that removes hot air from the inside. This outdoor unit can be stationed in various locations outside your home. For example, a wall, balcony, terrace, etc.).
  • A single unit or a multi-split unit that distributes fresh air throughout your home.

As we mentioned earlier, a single indoor unit is referred to as a mono-split air conditioning system while more than one unit is referred to as multi-split.

For those who reside in a detached home or apartment , a split air conditioning system is efficient! Generally speaking, a split air conditioner is also a good choice for an office or studio.

This article will give you a clear understanding of a split air conditioner and guide you in the right direction!

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What Are The Different Types Of Split Air Conditioners? What Are Their Pros And Cons?

What Are The Different Types Of Split Air Conditioners?

The split air conditioner is available in a fixed or mobile version.

The mobile version requires no installation, as the indoor unit is placed on the floor. It is connected to the outside group by a flat sheath. The inner box is provided with wheels facilitating its movement.

For the fixed unit, the indoor units are installed on the wall or ceiling, thus freeing up floor space. The refrigerant passage conduits pass through the wall.

You can opt for a reversible split air conditioner to cool your home in summer and warm it in winter. This 2 in 1 air conditioner also has the advantage of consuming little energy in heating mode. It provides 3 kW of heat for 1 kW consumed.

However, a backup heater may be necessary during periods of extreme cold for optimal comfort.

Do you want to install a split air conditioner to cool your home or office? To help you choose among the different models, let's look at the different style that split air conditioners can take.

Our article will tell you everything you need to know about split air conditioners.

What are the different types of split air conditioners?

What are their Pros and cons?

Heating, Cooling

Plan your budget and learn how to maintain your split air conditioner.

Plan your expenses for your split air conditioner.

To cope with hot weather, or as a backup heating solution in reversible mode, more and more individuals are equipping air conditioners .

This device, the main objective of which is to cool, has an impact on the air quality in the home. Air conditioning has become a standard product that can be found in the supermarket like a TV or dishwasher.

But the air conditioner is a comfort and energy saving device, hence a certain vigilance as to its choice.

Before embarking on an installation project, it is important to plan the expenses that will be generated. You have to calculate your budget according to different criteria which are, the number of units, the power and the design!

But in your project, you must not neglect an important step, the maintenance!

To have healthy air in your home and efficient operation, careful air conditioning maintenance carried out in accordance with industry standards is necessary.

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