How Can I Find Pros That Will Take Care Of My Windows ?

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It’s funny. Even though your windows are not the most costly part of your house, they still are one of the most important. Windows allow you to enjoy the outdoor view and the sunshine, while keeping your home secure and sheltering you from the elements.

That’s why you need to take good care of your windows by using reliable services for installation, repair and replacement. Which leads us to this question: Among all the companies out there, how do you find the right one?

Here are 6 important factors to look for.

  1. Location. Focus your search on companies which are located in your zip code, and double check that your home falls within their designated service area. Windows services near you are likely to have a faster response time.

  2. Availability. When you’re faced with broken windows, you will need either repair or replacement services as quickly as possible, to keep your house cozy and safe from intruders and animal pests. Companies which offer 24/7 availability are ideal.

  3. Full range of windows. Windows come in an enormous variety of sizes and shapes, from small panes to large patio doors. Your best bet is a business that carries a wide stock of windows and can fill special orders rapidly. 

  4. Ability to repair and refurbish. Damaged windows and window frames often might not need complete replacement, but instead may be preserved with skillful repair by experienced pros. 
This tends to save you money and is especially desirable when you own a house which has authentic, charming period windows. 

  5. Energy awareness. Find professionals who will be able to help you save heating and cooling energy by avoiding excessive heat gain or loss via your windows. They should be knowledgeable about energy-efficient measures such as installation of low e glass or replacement of single pane windows with double or triple panes. 

  6. Great customer service. A friendly, helpful attitude also goes a long way. Look for windows companies with top notch customer services employees – a smile will not cost you extra!

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Window Repair Or Replacement: Which Is The Best Option

New Multi Pane Window After Repair

With today’s throwaway mentality, if any parts of your window are broken the idea of repair (rather than buying new) might not even cross your mind. But do give it a thought.

Sometimes window repair is quite feasible and will turn out to be the most eco-friendly, money saving choice. In other instances, replacement is going to be your best course of action.

How to tell whether repair or replacement is the right option? First consider these 5 pointers and then find a trustworthy window company to back up your decision.

  1. Types of window you have now. Is your home currently fitted with old school, single pane windows? If so, replacement with modern double or triple pane windows would be wise. You will reduce heat transfer via the windows by 50 percent. That means an increase in both energy efficiency and comfort. (PS: Lower fuel bills, too!)

  2. Energy efficiency. If your windows and frames are still in good to excellent shape, you may not want to replace them just yet. Rather, you could get some basic maintenance repair done. Hire a company to caulk and weather strip the frames to keep out those cold winter winds (or hot outdoor air in summer) for increased energy efficiency.

  3. Parts of window affected. Broken or loose window glass is a common occurrence, which is usually straightforward to repair. However, when your window frame is warped or rotten, or your multi-pane window’s seal has failed (visible moisture between the panes is a warning sign!), you might be better off replacing the whole window.
Seriousness of damage. Once again, look at the nature of the damage. To illustrate, small areas of rot or rust on parts of the window may be worthwhile to repair. But when the entire structure has been badly damaged -- if a burglar has forced entry, for example -- window replacement will be a good idea.
  5. Availability of supplies. Are you the proud owner of a restored historic home, complete with the original windows and vintage hardware? Or perhaps you installed several lovely stained glass windows in a more modern residence. In either of these cases, the difficulty of matching your existing windows will rule out replacement. Hire a qualified company for window repair instead.

Window Replacement That Will Work Best For Your Home

What window replacement will be best for your home?

Details, details, details. Small details may seem irrelevant or nitpicky when you need window replacement in a hurry. The truth is, though, that knowing exactly what you want and need (and can afford!) makes all the difference.

Consider these factors and you’ll be wiser about what kind of window replacement will be best for your home.

Type And Size Of Your Window

Of course, your new window must be compatible with what was previously installed in terms of both size and type. Are you looking for a standard bedroom or bathroom window installation, a new picture window for your living room, a front entry sidelight or perhaps a replacement slider for your patio doors? Careful measurements and a full description of the kind of new window you want will ensure that your installer is stocked with the right material.

Extent Of The Damage

If you have to have replacement of a cracked or smashed window, take a good long look at the damage involved. Is it just the pane that is broken -- or other window elements as well? For instance, will you need frame replacement, new hardware or a new track for sliding doors? It obviously makes the most sense to take care of all your damaged window elements at once.

Style Of Your Home

This point is so simple, but so essential. For instance, when you live in a mobile home, you’ll want to choose windows specifically made for mobile homes; that will give you the best fit and simplest installation process. On the other hand, your residence may be a historic home. In this case, you’ll be seeking out window replacement and window elements appropriate to its design. The same holds true if your house is an ultra-modern architectural masterpiece.

Your Budget

Depending on your finances right now, the best replacement choice could be an upgrade, in the form of high quality windows such as energy-saving, multi pane models. Do a cost comparison and see what your budget can accommodate. If you’re financially a little squeezed at the moment, keep in mind that although top-of-the-line window replacement might cost a bit more, it is likely to pay off in energy savings and comfort over the long run.


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