Window Replacement That Will Work Best For Your Home

What window replacement will be best for your home?

Details, details, details. Small details may seem irrelevant or nitpicky when you need window replacement in a hurry. The truth is, though, that knowing exactly what you want and need (and can afford!) makes all the difference.

Consider these factors and you’ll be wiser about what kind of window replacement will be best for your home.

Type And Size Of Your Window

Of course, your new window must be compatible with what was previously installed in terms of both size and type. Are you looking for a standard bedroom or bathroom window installation, a new picture window for your living room, a front entry sidelight or perhaps a replacement slider for your patio doors? Careful measurements and a full description of the kind of new window you want will ensure that your installer is stocked with the right material.

Extent Of The Damage

If you have to have replacement of a cracked or smashed window, take a good long look at the damage involved. Is it just the pane that is broken -- or other window elements as well? For instance, will you need frame replacement, new hardware or a new track for sliding doors? It obviously makes the most sense to take care of all your damaged window elements at once.

Style Of Your Home

This point is so simple, but so essential. For instance, when you live in a mobile home, you’ll want to choose windows specifically made for mobile homes; that will give you the best fit and simplest installation process. On the other hand, your residence may be a historic home. In this case, you’ll be seeking out window replacement and window elements appropriate to its design. The same holds true if your house is an ultra-modern architectural masterpiece.

Your Budget

Depending on your finances right now, the best replacement choice could be an upgrade, in the form of high quality windows such as energy-saving, multi pane models. Do a cost comparison and see what your budget can accommodate. If you’re financially a little squeezed at the moment, keep in mind that although top-of-the-line window replacement might cost a bit more, it is likely to pay off in energy savings and comfort over the long run.


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Need New Windows ? How To Calculate The Cost Of Replacement

How To Calculate The Cost Of Replacement?

So you need to change your old windows – they’re broken, outdated or just worn out. But, as a smart shopper, you’d like to know the cost of replacement in advance.

Find out below how to calculate the approximate price you’ll have to pay.

What Makes Up Window Replacement Cost?

Not all window replacement cost is the same. However, there is a general formula that applies to the price of every installation.

Here it is:

Cost of Replacement = New Window (or Window Part) + Supplies + Labor + A Percentage for Profit .

Important To Know

How badly damaged is your window? This will determine what part you need to replace.

Changing only one window element will usually mean a lower cost for replacement. For instance, window glass replacement cost could run as much as 50 percent lower than the price to install a whole new window.

Why Is The Price Of Some Window Styles So High?

Some window styles (such as a bay window) may be more complex in design and require numerous panes – and unusual sized panes or custom shapes might have to be specially ordered. This would naturally raise your window glass replacement cost, in terms of both the material needed and the labor required to install it.

What Else Affects Window Replacement Cost?

You might be surprised! Price often varies according to:

  • Height of the window. The average cost to replace windows on upper stories is generally more than on the ground floor. The reason? It’s harder for pros to access your top floor carrying heavy windows, tools and supplies.
Location of your home. Window companies may charge more in wealthy urban centers – or in isolated locales that are out of their usual service area.

  • Time of year. Window installers tend to be busiest in the warmer months – spring and summer are their peak season. As a result, customers may pay a premium price at these times.

How To Save Money On Cost Of Replacement

If you’d like to pay a lower price for the cost of replacement windows, choose your material carefully. A vinyl window, for example, will usually cost less than a wooden one.

Consider the time of year, as well. For non-emergency window replacement, book an appointment during the fall or winter. (Pros install windows one at a time, working quickly to minimize cold drafts coming into your home.)


Window Installation: 5 Reasons Why You Need An Expert

Window Installation Expert

Do you need new windows? Okay. Are you thinking of getting your next-door neighbor, or that college kid down the block, to help with installation? Um... not so okay.

You see, installing replacement windows may look simple, but it’s actually best done by an expert, to get the great results you want. Here are 5 reasons why.

  • Information

How much do you (or your would-be helper) really know about windows? Professionals who specialize in window installation can advise you on everything windows-related. That includes suggestions such as possible upgrades to save you money on energy bills, or replacement windows that will coordinate with the style of your home... to name just two important areas of expertise.

  • Service

When is your buddy going to be available to tackle the installation? Next weekend... or maybe next month? Pro replacement window installers are ready to give you fast, reliable service (often 24/7) so you won’t have to live with a broken or damaged window for long. They have the skill to work safely and carefully, and they’re trained to clean up after themselves before completing their work.

  • Equipment

Replacement windows, especially those new double or triple pane energy savers, are frequently very heavy and hard to handle. Brand new windows can cost a pretty penny, too, so don’t take chances. The experts are prepared with the right equipment, tools and supplies to get your new windows in place – maybe even a boom crane if the installation is going to take place up on the top floor!

  • Knowhow

Here’s something you probably haven’t considered. When a window becomes damaged, there could be an underlying problem needing attention, as well. For example, a rotten window frame may signal the presence of unwanted moisture. Experienced replacement window installers will inspect the site and inform you of additional repair that might be required.

What’s more, whether installing vinyl or wood windows, they will get the job done “by the book,” for peak performance and aesthetic appeal.

  • Financial Coverage

You do want coverage under the window manufacturer’s warranty, don’t you? Thought so. There’s just one small glitch. The warranty most likely stipulates that installation must be performed only by a qualified professional.

And if your amateur helper drops a window or injures himself? You are absolutely on your own financially in either of those cases. But if you hire professionals, they’ve got your back.


Replacing Mobile Home Windows Can Be A Special Challenge

Replacing Mobile Home Windows: A Special Challenge

Readers who live in a mobile home or an RV knows that it is a unique lifestyle, with its own benefits and challenges. One item on the “challenges” side is window replacement.

Window replacement for mobile homes comes with a specific set of requirements. Make sure that the company you choose to install your mobile home replacement windows knows exactly what your requirements are.

Need a little help? Consult this list.

  1. Measurements. Windows for mobile homes tend to be sized and shaped differently than for other houses. That’s why the best replacement windows are ones that have been manufactured specifically for mobile homes. And the best professionals to tackle the replacement have experience measuring, fitting and installing mobile home windows.

  2. Windshield replacement. One problem that owners of regular homes won’t be too familiar with is searching Google for “mobile windshield replacement near me.” But when your home is on wheels, accidents can – and do --happen. As you drive along, a stray pebble could hit your windshield and cause a chip or crack. Prompt, skillful windshield replacement or repair will be essential to keep your RV livable.
Mobile home park specs. Another unique aspect of the mobile home lifestyle is being part of a mobile home park community. The management of your park has mostly likely made up a list of specifications for details ranging from the color of your front door to the style of your windows, so that all residents’ homes will have a pleasingly similar appearance. Your new mobile home replacement windows should conform to these specs.
Mobile home park regulations. In addition, management probably has a standard list of rules and regulations which you signed as part of your lot rental agreement. One of these rules ensures that each resident has “quiet enjoyment” of his or her lot. This means that the best replacement windows company for you is one that will work quickly and quietly, with minimal disturbance to your neighbors. 


Window Parts -- How To Tell When They Need Replacement

Window Replacement Company

Simple though it may appear at first glance, a window is actually made up of numerous parts. If and when any of these parts goes bad, you’ll need to get it replaced.

As with all household repairs, the sooner you attend to it, the better. So take a look at the parts of your window, and see whether it’s time to call a window company for service.

Here’s a list to troubleshoot some common problems:

  1. Glass breakage. The most obvious trouble sign is broken glass -- or a broken seal on a multi pane window. You might need an installer to replace it with just one pane, or an entire insulated glass unit (IGU).
  2. Broken latch. Another warning signal is a broken latch on either a window or a patio door. Get this replaced right away! Otherwise, it will act as an open invitation to would-be intruders.

  3. Damaged wood. Touch the wood of your window sash, frame and sill. If it feels overly dry, it could be weather damaged. When the wood is spongy or crumbly, that is an indication of wood rot. Your window installer might be able to repair just the area of damage, but in more serious cases, the window parts will probably need replacement.
  4. Rust. A casement window swings open and closed on hinges, usually operated by means of a crank. Should either the hinges or the crank become rusty, your casement window will move with difficulty – if you can move it all. Time for replacement parts!

  5. Sticky slider. By contrast, when a patio door no longer opens freely, the cause is generally with its tracks. Sliding door tracks easily get gummed up with debris such as dirt, fallen leaves and pet hair. If this doesn’t solve your problem, you might need replacement of the door rollers or the tracks themselves.

Whether you spot one of the above or a totally different problem, do a fast search for “window company near me.” If the trouble is something complex, you’ll probably want to get several quotes on the replacement work. Then compare quotes before you commit yourself to one particular installer.


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