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Summer Is Quickly Approaching! Looking For The Best Way To “Keep Your Cool?” Chill Out With An Air Conditioner That’s Right For You.

You don't want to melt like an ice cream in the sun!!

Over the years, some have said that air conditioning can be harmful to one’s health. However, researchers today have found that air conditioning actually helps prevent outdoor pollution particles from entering your home, therefore lowering the health risks of air pollution. Let’s learn more...

Air conditioning: What is it exactly?

Air conditioning refers to a system in which it cools air. An air conditioning system removes heat and moisture from an occupied space in a residential and/or commercial space. The objective is to improve comfort and provide relief to occupants. Reversible air conditioners not only produce cool air when it’s hot outside, but they also generate heat when it’s cold outside.

Air conditioning removes heat from an indoor space and replaces it with cool air. This process repeats itself until your home reaches the desired cooling temperature. As heat rises, temperature in each room may fluctuate. However, with an air conditioner, the air circulates, creating a fixed temperature.

The use of air conditioners and filters have been suggested to improve indoor air quality. Research suggests that there is a correlation between air pollution and an increase in respiratory illness. Other health issues, such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer, have been linked to pollution exposure as well. Therefore, the quality of air we breathe impacts our health and well being.

Why is it important to have air conditioning in your home?

Find out why air conditioning has become a necessity:

  • Your comfort is key

This may seem somewhat obvious, however, we thought we’d highlight the primary reason so many of us find it necessary to install air conditioning in our homes. Air conditioning keeps you cool and comfortable, providing real relief from those sultry summer months. Heat can impact one’s mood, behavior, sleep pattern, health, work productivity and overall comfort. Similarly, you can stay warm during the winter months. With an air conditioning system, you are able to create the perfect interior temperature all year round.

It’s pretty simple. You can set the thermostat to a desired temperature, keeping you cool or cozy in a matter of minutes.

  • At the end of the day, you’re saving money

Everyone likes to live in comfort, but did you know that there are other benefits to having air conditioning than just keeping cool ?

It is common to close our windows and doors while running the air conditioning to keep out additional heat. Closing and locking windows and doors does indeed advertise a secure home, making it more difficult for someone to break in.

This type of prevention is a means to saving money.

Air conditioning filters are effective in keeping insects and parasites out. This type of home maintenance will ultimately protect you (and your pets), all while keeping your house cleaner. Electronics are also protected by air conditioning. Heat can do some serious damage to our electronics, shortening the lifespan and/or losing important data, which can be costly to fix or replace.

The reversible air conditioner, which provides cool air in the summer and heat in the winter, has a tendency to save us on energy consumption, especially when insulation is flawless.

  • Improves indoor air quality

To reiterate a point we made earlier, air conditioning can help reduce the risk of certain health problems.

While air conditioning reduces the amount of humidity in your home and reduces the amount of moisture-related issues, it also assists in eliminating pollution and bad odors. More specifically, pollen, mildew, mold, dust and other airborne allergies.

Even more, air conditioning helps to avoid dehydration. When our body temperature rises and we tend to sweat, we naturally lose a large percentage of our water intake.

As you can see, the advantages of an air conditioner are indisputable and serve as a long term money saver.


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Reversible Air Conditionning: 2 In 1 System For Your Comfort!

Reversible AC is perfect for your confort!

You may have heard of reversible air conditioning, but what exactly is a reverse cycle air conditioning system and should you consider installing it in your home?

In the following article we will tell you why this technology might just be the smarter option for you.

Nowadays, most air conditioning systems are reversible. Reversible means that one system is responsible for both heating a home in the winter and cooling it down once warmer weather arrives. For many, the reversible air conditioning system is still thought to be a luxury amenity, providing convenience, comfort and contentment.

The operation of a reversible air conditioning system is comparable to that of an (air) heat pump. It has an air conditioning function when it is hot and a heating function when it is cold. This 2-in-1 feature continues to gain popularity in American homes because it is practical. It improves thermal comfort and often at a much lower cost.

Here is a breakdown of how reversible air conditioning works:

  • There is a unit located outside
  • There is a unit located inside (able to cool and heat the room)
  • Both are connected to a main pipe that carries water through the system

During the summer, the reversible air conditioning system acts much like a central air conditioner because the unit sucks in the heat and ejects it outdoors. During the winter, the unit collects heat from the outside and forces it inside.

Wait! Before you “add to cart” or call to have a new reversible air conditioning system installed, allow us to share the pros and cons of each model.

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Ducted Air Conditioning: Providing Performance And Confort For Your Home.

Ducted Air Conditioning: Performance And Confort For Your Home!

Are you looking for the most efficient way to cool your home in the summer?

Look no further! Imagine a high tech, modern air conditioning system that allows you to control heating and cooling in individual rooms that is also eco-friendly.

Ducted air conditioning is an effective solution to heating and cooling your entire home. A duct air conditioner is a split AC system, which has a central unit that cools the air and then distributes it through a series of ducts into multiple rooms in your home. One of the primary benefits to ducted air conditioning is the allowance to adjust the temperature in each room to your liking.

From a design perspective, duct air conditioning is preferred by many as it is a concealed system with only vents being visible. The ductwork is installed within the ceilings and walls of your home, which can prove to be complex, depending on the construction of your home.

Frequently asked questions about ducted air conditioning systems:

How does ducted air conditioning work?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ducted air conditioning ?

When to choose ducted air conditioning and is it cost efficient?

We’re here to answer these questions and more!

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Portable Air Conditioning: The Perfect Solution To Air Conditioning your Home With Ease

Mobile Air Conditioning: The Perfect Solution To Air Conditioning your Home!

During periods of extreme heat , it's important for your well-being and your health to stay in a room with a pleasant temperature.

Precisely, the role of air conditioning is to cool a room or even an entire house, when the heat is felt.

Anyone who has opted for air conditioning in their home will tell you how great it feels to be in a place where the temperature is bearable.

There is mobile air conditioning, that is, the air conditioner can be moved using casters, fixed air conditioning (the air conditioner is hung on the wall) or reversible air conditioning (the air conditioner blows hot or cold depending on the season.

Each type of air conditioning has its advantages and disadvantages. Many homes use mobile air conditioning because of its lower cost, the ease of moving and storing it. In addition, for occasional uses of air conditioning, the portable air conditioner is the right solution.

It would be nice to learn more about this type of air conditioning.

Our article will help you find out everything you need to know about mobile air conditioning.

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Monoblock Air Conditioning: One Of The Most Affordable Options On The Market In .

Monoblock Air Conditioning: The Cheapest On The Market!

A monobloc air conditioner: What is it?

As its name suggests, monobloc air conditioning comes in the form of a single auxiliary cooling unit. It is one of the most convenient and most common types of air conditioning used in residential settings.

Monoblock air conditioners are used to cool the interior of a home. In order to do so, the system has air pipes attached used to disperse heated air outside.

This system is most commonly used to cool small spaces, specifically one room. In turn, it is not recommended to use monoblock air conditioners in large spaces as it will fail to generate enough energy required to cool the entire space.

Monoblock air conditioning is used in small residential settings and in environments, such as , that do not require air conditioning all year round.

Monoblock air conditioners can be fixed or portable. A system that is fixed is floor mounted and cannot be transported easily. Portable air conditioners are easily moveable and not mounted, making them convenient and affordable.

The components of a monobloc air conditioner

Generally speaking, air conditioning works very much like a refrigerator.

It is composed of an evaporator, placed inside the room, and a condenser, which is installed outdoors.

The 4 components of air conditioning:

  1. the compressor
  2. the condenser
  3. the regulator
  4. the evaporator

Monoblock air conditioners differ from other air conditioners in that all 4 components are combined into a single unit.

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Split Air Conditioning: Efficient And Cost Effective!

The Top In Domestic Air Conditioners!

What is a split air conditioning system? A split air conditioner is simply divided in two parts. It consists of one outdoor unit and one indoor unit (mono-split), which distributes air from a wall mounted cooling unit or vents in the floor.

One of the benefits of a split air conditioning system is the ability to have more than one indoor unit (connected to a single outdoor unit). This is called a multi-split system.

The split system keeps the hot air outside and the cool air inside. More specifically, the compressor and condenser coils can be found in the outdoor unit, while the evaporator coils, blower, and air filter are located in the indoor unit.

When selecting a split air conditioning system, there are several indoor designs to choose from. We’ve listed some of these options and their technical terms:

  • portable, on wheels (“mobile split”)
  • fixed - wall mounted or floor vents (“wall split”)
  • window units (“console split”) discrete units where the bulk of the unit is built into the ceiling (“cassette”)
  • ceiling suspended unit installed in the ceiling space or attic (“ductable split”)

The split air conditioning system has many benefits. It is not only efficient and cost effective, it is also quiet and easy to maintain.

How Split Air Conditioning Operates

Split air conditioning systems are categorized as follows:

  • A fixed outdoor unit that removes hot air from the inside. This outdoor unit can be stationed in various locations outside your home. For example, a wall, balcony, terrace, etc.).
  • A single unit or a multi-split unit that distributes fresh air throughout your home.

As we mentioned earlier, a single indoor unit is referred to as a mono-split air conditioning system while more than one unit is referred to as multi-split.

For those who reside in a detached home or apartment , a split air conditioning system is efficient! Generally speaking, a split air conditioner is also a good choice for an office or studio.

This article will give you a clear understanding of a split air conditioner and guide you in the right direction!


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